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December 28, 2018

10 Things Your Email Marketing Campaign Should Have

Having a persuasive and informative marketing campaign is an extremely beneficial tool for your business if carried out correctly. After having watched the webinar ‘Head and Heart of Marketing’, we have taken away the 10 must have things that your email must contain in order to achieve a sale. When customers make a decision, they use both their head and their heart, so your email marketing campaign needs to relate to this by tugging at the heartstrings and making logical sense. Why? This is because people buy with their emotion and then rationalise with logic. Therefore, you need to ensure that you appeal to their emotional needs by creating a sense of empowerment, shared values and enrichments. However, you must also incorporate logic by offering features and benefits of your products or services backed up with testimonials, your competition and by supplying a trust factor. Let’s take a closer look at how this can be achieved, below.

#1 Speak To The Head And Heart

Throughout your email marketing campaign, it is a good idea to lay on the emotion at the beginning and the end, but interject some logic in the middle. The content used for all aspects of this needs to be good and fit well with your aim, for example, factual for logic, and sensitive for emotion. When writing the content in your campaign, it is vital that you remember that your audience are human and you are writing for them, not for a computer.

In order for a customer to be interested in a product, they need to believe that purchasing it makes logical sense. Therefore, throughout your content ensure that you portray authority and credibility.

#2 Use Emotion Early And Often

You need to win over the hearts of your customers first, opposed to starting with logic and numbers. When your customer finishes reading your email, you want them to be left feeling good, so don’t wait too long to add emotion in. As soon as you get a response from your customer, you can then back up your previous emotional email with a logical response.

When using emotion, you can use clever imagery to pull at the heartstrings of your customers. Alternatively, you could tell a story to make your business, product and service more relatable. Everyone loves a story, so trigger different emotions from your audience, including anger, sadness and happiness. Each emotion can be beneficial, so you can think outside the box with the creation of your content.

#3 Use Effective Subject Lines

Your subject lines are equally as important, if not more, than the content in your emails. Therefore, in these, you still need to appeal to both the head and the heart of your customers. By adding emojis as bookends, this not only allows your email to become more relatable, but it also helps your email to stand out in your customers’ inbox. Make people curious with your subject lines by stoking your subscribers’ ego.

One of the most effective subject lines that creates a 22% more chance of your customers opening your email is by adding personalisation. Make your content and subject lines direct and personal by using their name and terms such as you and your. This way you can speak to your audience as if it is a one on one conversation and make more of an impact. What’s more, by using capitalising your subject line, you can stand out, however, it is important not to over spam with capitals.

#4 Employ Pre-Headers For Contrast

By employing pre-headers into your email, this can be used as an extension to your subject line. Similar rules apply as point three, so make it engaging and intriguing.

#5 Re-Engage Effectively

If your customers or subscribers have been inactive and you think you may have lost them, give them a virtual hug through your email to them. Tell these customers that you miss them and you want them back. Once again, using personalisation here is a great way to speak directly to them and make them feel guilty for being inactive. Firstly appeal to their heart and then follow this up with the facts.

#6 Use Images That Appeal To The Head And The Heart

Images are a great way to engage your customers and are an even better way to appeal to their head and heart simultaneously. Either use a cute image or use an image of the product to draw in your customers. Making the image large and surrounding it with negative space is a clear way to attract your customers. Create buttons with call to actions on that are clear and easy to navigate and will appeal to the audience as they are simple to use and are not time-consuming. Additionally, when creating your email, ensure that you have a well thought out colour scheme that makes sense and isn’t too overpowering.

#7 Videos

In addition to attractive images, videos are a great way to immerse your customer. Videos that advertise the product, show people using it or even an engaging review on it, as this will really help with the success of your campaign.

#8 Get Social

Included in your email, we recommend that you get social by encouraging sign-ups. This way it shows that you are an active business and is another interactive aspect including videos and pictures.

#9 Include Facts, Figures And Percentages

When it comes to appealing to the logic part of the brain you need to include accurate facts and figures. Don’t roll out too many, but add interesting percentages that make sense. Inform your audience why you are the better choice factually against your competitors and why they should buy from you. In addition, it is vital that you state the essential and best fats about your service or product.

#10 Nurture

Typically it has been discovered that you need to touch your audience 8 times before they buy from you. So you need to create a nurture series, starting with a welcome email. Throughout this series, use data and action to trigger follow-ups. On day 2 send an emotional appeal, day 5 send a differentiator and day 7 an incentive. In all of your emails ensure that you provide value and once you have appealed to emotion always back it up with logic.

If you include these 10 things in your email marketing campaign, you are sure to be striving above your competitors. In order to get started, firstly write down all of the emotional and logical reasons why the user should choose your products. Form this you can then create appropriate content and visuals and plan and test these. For more information on how to improve your email marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our helpful team on 01245 287 864, today.



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