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December 14, 2017

2017’s Most Searched, Shared & Liked

2017 has been an exciting year for hot-off-the-press news, events, drama and announcements. Google has recently announced its top searches, and with Facebook, Twitter and other marketing channels following suit, we’ve seen a number of interesting trends in the world of search engines and social media this year. To show you just how interesting this year’s most searched, shared and liked is, we’ve put it all together in one blog for you!

Google’s Top Trends

Google tends to be the world’s go-to search engine for any query, and this year, the list of searches has been an interesting and varied one. Globally, Hurricane Irma, iPhone 8, iPhone X, Bitcoin, North Korea, and Meghan Markle were some of the most searched queries in the search engine, and in the UK, apparently the majority of the population are looking for a new recipe for chilli con carne!
Some of the results are as follows:
Unsurprisingly, as a result of the royal engagement announcement, Meghan Markle is the UK’s top trending search (with many non-Suits fans probably trying to find out who the American actress and princess-to-be is).

Interestingly, topping the ‘How To’ chart was all about slime, Bitcoin and staying young – because who doesn’t want to know how to make slime, make money and enjoy eternal youth, right?

With a number of sad events happening in the UK throughout 2017, it’s unsurprising to see the likes of the Manchester bombing, Grenfell Tower and the London Bridge attack hit the top of the most searched news events this year.

Globally, we see a number of occurring trends, with the likes of Meghan Markle, Bitcoin, North Korea, Chester Bennington, and weirdly ‘How To Make Slime’ once again, all being within the top 5 in their category searches. In terms of our beloved memes, the ‘Cash Me Outside’ meme topped the charts!

Bing Top Searches

While Google tends to dominate search results, Bing also takes in a considerable number of searches and had some interesting results throughout 2017. In fact, Kim Kardashian remained as the year’s top searched celebrity on the search engine, with Meghan Markle unsurprisingly coming in at second. In addition to this, while Brexit remained a popular search term, it was batted out of the park with Strictly Come Dancing and Game of Thrones searches. Other hot topics included fidget spinners, Uber’s London license ban and also Wimbledon.

Facebook’s Top Trends

According to Buzzsumo, Facebook audiences are generally looking to share engaging and heart-warming content across their channels, with a combination of music videos, exclusive breaking news, opinion pieces and, of course, animals. Interestingly however, there were two political posts that were included in the top 10 of Facebook’s most shared content.

The 10 most shared content examples on Facebook is as follows:

Content Type Interactions
Despacito Luis Fonsi YouTube Music Video 22.2m
Shape Of You YouTube Music Video 9.7m
Linkin Park Singer Commits Suicide By Hanging News Article Exclusive 7.4m
Quiz: Only 1 in 50 People can Identify These 16 Grammar Mistakes. Can You? Quiz 5.4m
‘I’ve Been Crying’ Prue Nakarin YouTube Music Video 4.5m
$213 Train Ride Of America’s Most Beautiful Sites Travel Adventure 3.8m
What State Should You Move To Based On Your Personality Quiz 3.1m
President Trump requiring ‘welfare to work’ – The Free Ride Is Ending Opinion Piece 3.1m
20 Million Muslims March Against ISIS & Mainstream Media Completely Ignores It Opinion Piece 3.1m
Garth Brooks Giving Guitar To Fan With Cancer Video 2.6m

As you can see, music videos remain one of the most popular forms of shareable content, with Despacito and Shape of You hitting the top spots for the year.

However, despite an increase in fake news across the internet, news articles, particularly that of breaking news, are becoming increasingly popular across the social media channel – with the death of Linkin Park front man Chester Bennington gaining a lot of traction on Facebook. Interestingly, more than 40% of Americans access news on Facebook, and with the implementation of factors such as Facebook Trends, this is likely to continue to rise.
When it comes to viral posts on the other hand, these were almost exclusively video, which shows just how much of an importance video marketing is set to have moving forward. In fact, according to the same Buzzsumo report carried out on December 6th, only three of the top 20 viral posts on the channel were not videos. Generally, video topics included recipes, practical advice, cute animals and once again music videos. The top ten viral posts were as follows:

Post Type Interactions
Get Clever With Your Clutter – 7 Organisational Hacks! Video – Practical Advice 15.6m
Best Video You Will See Video – Animals 13.8m
People Are Awesome Video – Inspiring 12.2m
This Guy Just Sang Whitney Houston Like You’ve Never Heard Video – Music & Inspiring 10m
Brighten Up Your Day With These Surprising Hacks Video – Practical Advice 8.6m
8 Ways To Transform & Upgrade Your Wardrobe Video – Practical Advice 8.6m
Awesome Ideas For A T-shirt That Is Too Old Video – Practical Advice 7.6m
These 8 Wow-Worthy Pie Hacks Are Easy As… Video – Food 7m
Nanny, Play With Me, No Working! Video – Animals 6.2m
4 Surprising Things You Can Make With Only 2 Ingredients Video – Food/Practical Advice 6.1m

Twitter’s Top Trends

The top Twitter trends all started with one man named Carter Wilkerson and his pursuit of a year’s supply of free chicken nuggets from popular brand ‘Wendy’s’. With over 3.6m retweets and 985k likes, while the champion didn’t quite reach his 18 million retweet target, he didn’t just take the record of 2017’s most retweeted tweet – the 16 year old also beat Ellen DeGeneres’ famous selfie at the 2014 Oscar’s ceremony!

In terms of the most liked tweets of the year, former President Barack Obama’s quote from Nelson Mandela “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin or his background or his religion…” reached a whopping 4,603,523 likes on the platform! An interesting tactic was also used by Penn State’s Interfraternity Council who pledged to donate $0.15 for every retweet they received on their post regarding the flooding in Houston after Hurricane Harvey hit the States. This resulted in a whopping $10,000 donation to relief efforts!


Instead of looking at posts and engagement when it comes to LinkedIn, we’ve decided to take a different approach and look more closely at the channel’s top influencers. The channel itself created its very own ‘Top Voices’ list, which is compiled annually, to showcase those who have contributed the most to the platform.
2017’s Top Voices list states that Virgin Group founder, Richard Branson, is their number one most influential person on the channel, and he is followed closely by James Caan CBE (Dragon’s Den) and Paul Polamn (Unilever CEO). Other notable mentions on the list include Bernard Maar, Winnie Byanyima, and Azzeem Azhar. The list itself ranks the contributors on their individual posts and also how the content itself is received by the audience.
2017 has been an interesting year for trends, and with music videos, main news events, and popular celebrity figures featuring in the most liked and shared posts on social media, and the most searched on Google and Bing, it’ll be fascinating to see if 2018 follows suit.

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