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May 18, 2017

5 Top Digital Marketing Stats

Here, we’re taking a quick look at the five most impressive digital marketing stats that we came across over the past week. We’re taking a close look at the news to provide you with all of the top, most thrilling digital marketing information to keep you up to date with the happenings in the industry. So, let’s get to it!


Amazon Echo Expected To Be In 40% Of UK Homes By 2018


Voice search has been the topic on the tip of all digital marketers’ tongues over the past year or so, and now a new study from Radiocentre has suggested that the Amazon Echo is predicted to be in 40% of all UK homes by 2018!

While currently just 9% of voice-search devices are found in UK homes, interest in the devices is growing dramatically, with the report suggesting that 87% of people who have shown interest in buying the Echo intend on actually purchasing it within the next 12 months.


smartphone-1894723_960_720Millennials Check Their Phone Over 150 Times A Day


We all know that millennials and Generation Z are set to be the driving force behind the integration of technology within everyday life. Now, a study of over 6000 millennials from Qualtrics suggests that the demographic can’t go more than five hours without checking their social media accounts, and they also look at their phone around 150 times a day. In addition to this, the study shows that 60% of millennials check their phone first thing in the morning and 40% even check their phones during meal times.


Livestreaming Eurovision


A number of viewing figures for the Eurovision Song Contest shows that fans are increasingly looking to YouTube and other online live streaming services to watch live events like Eurovision. Last year, YouTube discovered that a Eurovision live stream was watched by nearly 2 million people, making it the third largest music live stream on the entire YouTube platform.


shopping-mall-1316787_960_720People Are Trusting Other Consumers As Opposed To Retail Staff


A survey has found that 75% of shoppers trust the knowledge and opinions of other consumers as opposed to retail staff when it comes to making a decision that involves purchasing. 54% believe that customer product reviews are far more influential than retailer’s advice, and 17% even stated that they’d be more persuaded to buy something if they were offered assistance by another customer as opposed to a member of staff!

The survey also mentioned that 85% of consumers are looking for a choice when it comes to customer service opinions throughout the purchasing journey. 73% of consumers also believe that live web chat is the most helpful customer service option when shopping online.


31% Of Domains Are Now Secure


A study by Search Engine Journal shows that, despite Google attempting to incentivise SEOs to make the switch to HTTPS by announcing that HTTPS domains are a small ranking signal, many businesses are still not making the switch. However, the report shows that within the top 100,000 website domains, according to SEMrush Rank’s U.S. database, the percentage of HTTPS domains has increased from 7.6% to 31.5%, showing that businesses are making the switch albeit very slowly.


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