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December 20, 2018

A Content Marketing Round-Up For 2018

As the time ticks down to the end of 2018, we here at Absolute Digital Media have begun to look back at some of the changes that have happened throughout the year and have compiled a roundup to share our thoughts. So sit back and reminisce with us as we take a look at the developments of content marketing in 2019!

What Have We Seen?

Over the course of 2018 there have been a number of changes to Google’s core algorithm that have led to changes being made when it comes to content marketing. Not only has this meant that there are a number of changes being made to the way that content is being written but also the way that it is being marketed.

The Impact Of E-A-T Rating?

One of the biggest changes that we have seen in 2018 is the impact of the E-A-T ranking on content marketing. Short for ‘Expertise’, ‘Authoritativeness’ and ‘Trustworthiness’,   this has affected content marketing in a number of ways.

The first impact is that it is now paramount that any content is clear, concise and written in the correct tone for its target audience. The Metric update that took place on August 1st was seen to specifically target medical sites as well as sites based around offering advice on someone’s finical situation or personal life. This was due to the fact that these sites deal with particularly delicate information and if a piece of content is inaccurate it could have disastrous consequences. Therefore, if Google determines a site has a low score on all three attributes included within its E-A-T rating, it will make the site’s ranking decrease to prevent its users from reading misinformation.

For a site to rank well within the E-A-T it is vital that the content is well written as well as being precise and informative, it is paramount that the author of the piece is also credited and that they have a large amount of reputation as this will ensure that your content will rank well with the Google E-A-T metric guidelines.

Impact Of Voice Search?

Another crucial element that we have seen changes in content marketing during 2018 is the impact of voice search on the content that is being ranked. Due to the implementation of products such as Siri and Alexa using Google’s search results as a primary source of information, we are slowly beginning to see the internalisation of content and less being taken from third party sources. This can be disastrous from an SEO point of view as sites are having to work harder in order to be favoured by the algorithm and have their content appear over all else.

Not only this, but due to the nature of voice search there has been an increased focus on the style and tone of the content that works best. Although this may seem like a small change, the use of conversational speech is becoming more and more common when providing users with answers.

Growth Of Remarketing

Over the course of the year we have seen a dramatic increase in remarketing efforts in all its forms. Whether this be email remarketing or through the use of ads, there has been an increase on the number of sites trying to keep people reading their content for longer periods of time. This sudden push for remarketing is interesting as this allows you to target the people that have read content from your site before. This allows you to take the specific data available to you and tailor the content to what your users like to read. This will then not only help to boost the number of leads and conversions but it will also help to boost the engagement that you see on your site.

Influencer Marketing  

Content marketing and its practices have begun to change and see better results in the process. One of the biggest ways that content marketing has changed is through the power of the internet and influencer marketing.

With the online power of influencers and celebrities this can generate a lot of traffic to your site without the need for traditional advertising. This is not only present on social media platforms such as Instagram with the likes of YouTube stars Pointless Blog and Zoella promoting products, but also YouTube itself with major influencers promoting content through featuring brand deals in their videos .

One of the most recent examples of Influencer marketing is the recent collaboration between the company Morphe and American Influencer James Charles with the collaboration benefiting both Charles himself and the business’s website by boosting conversions and engagement. This style of content marketing is beneficial for SEO and rankings on your site as it allows you to see substantial results without paying the traditional prices for advertising, making this a great option for business.

Predictions For 2019

Rise Of Influencer Marketing

In 2019 we predict that there will be more and more companies harnessing the power of online influencers to boost their target audience. This is due to the amount of people that are being reached through using this method.

Rise In Importance Of E-A-T Metric

There is also set to be an increased importance on the E-A-T metric and the quality of the content that is being put online. Although this has already begun, we here at Absolute Digital predict that this will be something that will be of heavy focus as the New Year moves in.

Heavy Focus On Voice Search Friendly Content

Another focus that we believe will be implemented during 2019 is the optimisation of content to cater to voice search. Although it is unclear as to how this can be achieved, there is likely to be an increased need for functions such as featured snippets and Google posts to cater to the internalisation of all content within Google.

Do you want to know more information about how you can begin to implement some of the above points into your SEO campaign? Get in touch with a member of our experienced team today and get started on your ultimate SEO campaign for your website and begin to get the best results possible, as we move into the New Year.



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