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December 20, 2018

A PPC Round-Up For 2018

2018 has proven to be a formative year within the PPC marketing sphere. At the very forefront was the huge changes we saw over at Google, in which the search engine rebranded its AdWords service, which is now referred to as Google Ads.  This saw the launch of a wide selection of new features, campaign types, enhancements, tools and targeting options.

Their main competitor Bing also made changes aimed to capitalize on their increasing popularity within the industry. The most exciting piece of news to come from Bing was the fact they have finally introduced LinkedIn profile targeting.

Google are now facing stiff competition from not just Bing, but also online retailer Amazon. This comes about the fact many people are starting to conduct their searches for products on Amazon straight away, rather than using the Google search engine service.

It’s an incredibly exciting time within PPC, with so many developments and trends that are starting to help shape the trade. The pinnacle of which is the rise in voice search, new audience targeting capabilities and the emergence of refined automation.

With so many parameters to comprehend, we have listed some of the biggest trends from 2018 and how they are likely to play a pivotal role as we head into the New Year.

Target Your Audience Rather Than Keywords

Over the course of the year, many leading analysts have started to identify new trends that are making them believe that the importance of keywords could soon be about to phase out. This down to advertisers placing more emphasis on content and people.

Marketer Aron Levy commented: “It’s been a long time coming; search engines have given us too many additional levers to handle along with keywords. I believe next year will the beginning of the end for keywords as a primary search lever.”

Despite a number of market leaders believing that the end of keywords could soon be upon us, there are still certain individuals who think the concept still plays a huge role in successful PPC. They are still an important aspect for anyone looking to segment and then put in place an audience driven targeting strategy.

Christi Olson of Microsoft is someone that still believes in the importance of effective keyword analysis. She said: “The key to success in 2019 and beyond will be to create a detailed strategy of the various audience types and audiences lists and how you can layer them (with positive and negative bid types) to shape your paid search strategy.”

Automation Is Already Here

Many people have been anticipating the arrival of automation, but in reality, the concept is already an integral part within PPC marketing. Google has always strived to ensure that their ads are compatible for every individual, which is why they are starting to enhance their automation credentials to help even the smallest of businesses to thrive.

Perhaps the war between machines and humans has already begun, but is there any real concern that automation could soon overtake the needs for intervention by people? There are certainly a number of experts who do think that advanced technology will be the way forward when it comes to PPC campaigns.

llya Cherepakhin of Acronym, said: “With Google’s responsive ads launching, the latest change to exact match, and audience targeting gaining popularity, the days of manual campaign management are fading away. Especially, when working on a large scale, machine learning is proving to be quite effective.”

This could prove to be highly beneficial for large businesses that spend large amount of time planning out PPC strategies. With automation technology coming into prominence, this could be hugely advantageous, since it will help to free up more time that can be allocated elsewhere.

Increase in Alternatives

With an increasing number of alternatives to the Google Ad Words service, people are now being encouraged to diversify their campaigns over a number of marketing channels.  Amazon are expected make even greater gains as the year draws to a close, since their sponsored product advertisement has proven to be highly effective for any eCommerce stores.

There are now going to be so many amazing opportunities for businesses that have a product line that needs to enter the online market. We have listed the four most important channels you can use and what features they come with.


Although this is currently being tested, Bing ads currently putting all its display product availability at any nearby drive-in-stores.


Improved ads are the priority with Facebook, which will come with a brand new and streamlined format. There will be tailor made videos that cater for what certain people are searching for.


There are now a number of brand new features that allows customers to purchase directly by using a product pin that indicates the price and whether it’s available in stock. Pinterest also comes with the ability to make personal recommendations on any customers, to give them the choice they want.


Mobile is now at the forefront of everything Googles does. This involves the use of a local catalog ads features which allows you to discover items that are in stock using an efficient and highly responsive mobile layout function.

Changing Role For Account Managers

Another important change that took place over the course of 2018, was the emergence of effective AI. Many marketers are now spending time selecting the best software than can help them make the most accurate recommendations when it comes to PPC marketing for their clients.

Many core elements behind successful PPC campaigns such as bidding, ad tests, and serving will be completed automatically. This means more time has been freed-up for marketers to solely focus on other important factors like reporting and projections.

There are clearly some exciting concepts and trends for you to get your head around as welcome the close of 2018. Next year is going to be huge for marketing, and PPC is certainly going to play an integral role. Here at Absolute Digital, we have an expert PPC team who have a proven track record of building highly successful PPC campaigns. Get in touch today by calling 01245 287 864.


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