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December 13, 2018

A Social Media Round-Up For 2018

Social media is constantly changing, with new updates and modifications being released more frequently than ever before and while businesses have different end goals when it comes to their social media strategy and the way they use social differs, these updates are affecting users across the board. Here at Absolute Digital, we’re taking a closer look at some of the most major social media updates of 2018 from Facebook and Twitter, to Instagram.

Facebook’s Algorithm Changes

With a user base amassing to almost 1.5 billion users, Facebook is the largest and most established social network. Setting up a dedicated business page allows companies to form a presence and indirectly market their products and services to users with a genuine interest in what they have to offer. However,  recent changes to the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm are making this increasingly difficult. At the start of the year, Mark Zuckerberg announced: “I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.” Now, businesses have no choice but to turn to Facebook advertisements to ensure that their content is seen.

Facebook Ad Targeting

2018 has been a whirlwind of a year for Facebook, but the platforms’ changes don’t stop at the networks interface. In 2018, we saw an array of changes take place on Facebook Business Manager, including the removal of certain targeting options. While marketers can still target audiences by demographic, location and ad, there are now 5,000 less ad targeting options in a bid to reduce the number of discriminatory ads being published on the platform.

The Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Having been accused of breaking GDPR laws in May, a month later Facebook faced a fine of £500,000 for breaching the Data Protection Act twice. While Facebook eventually began notifying users who were affected by the data breach in April, Facebook have been working hard to regain the trust of individuals across the  globe who rely on the platform to contact their family and friends. As a result, organic reach has dramatically declined in recent months, making it even more challenging for businesses to get their content in front of their audience.

Twitter Threads

Creating a Twitter thread is now easier than ever, with the social channel now allowing businesses to create a thread without having to upload the thread post by post. As a result of this feature, it’s now easier to get the attention of users and generate engagement and is the perfect way to get around posts that are longer than 280 characters.

The Influencer Marketing Gold Rush

Advertising is ignored largely because it looks and sounds exactly like advertising, but with rhythms using data to understand the beats of human behavior at any given moment in time, we can now weave campaigns into the daily fabric of our consumer’s lives better than ever before. However, in order for a paid social campaign to be successful, business must: integrate, build relationships, create compelling content, value performance, boost and, most importantly, experiment with new ideas. Instead of getting caught up in an “influencer marketing gold rush”, we must re-visit the key principles of marketing to help us dictate the type of content that will deliver the desired results.

Instagram Shopping

Now owned by the biggest social media network on the internet, Facebook, Instagram launched its Shopping function in the UK earlier this year in May. With several brands previously struggling to bridge the gap between engaging consumers and encouraging purchases as a result of hyperlinks not being allowed in captions on Instagram posts, Instagram Shopping has provided a whole new way for brands to tag their posts and link products. With the opportunity to tag up to 5 products per post and add a ‘Shop Now’ button to make it easier for consumers to find the products they are looking for, this feature has truly transformed the way we shop online.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are now more popular than ever with businesses using the feature to advertise new product launches, promote limited time offers and share influencer stories with ease. Now a one-stop shop for creating and sharing visual content, this year we have seen more fun features added to the app, including:

January – GIF Stickers

Since January, marketers have been able to add Gif Stickers to their Instagram Stories, making them even more fun and quirky to watch.

February – “Type” mode

At the start of the year, Instagram provided users and businesses with yet another way to add personality to Instagram Stories. With an array of font styles to choose from, businesses can decorate static images and videos with different font styles such as Classic, Modern, Neon, Typewriter and Strong.

April – @Mention Stickers

If tagging friends and other brands in Instagram posts wasn’t enough, Instagram has now enabled its users to tag people in Instagram Stories using @Mention Stickers, making it even easier for businesses to start a conversation with their followers.

May – AR Camera Effects

Taking a page out of Snapchats book, Instagram launched its very own AR camera effects alongside live video chat at the start of May. Now, users can record a video with filter ranging from a dog, to heart eyes.

June – IGTV

YouTube watch out! In June, Instagram launched its own version of the video platform – IGTV. Now, businesses on the social network can upload videos that are more than 30-seconds long and upload then to their IGTV. Helping businesses to more effectively connect and engage with their audience, IGTV has also provided the opportunity for businesses to show off their creativity with standalone campaigns.

Saying Goodbye To Google+

Following an extensive data exposure, Google will be shutting down Google+ for good. In the next 10 months, many will be forced to create accounts for other social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter – but it’s not all bad. As the most popular use of the social network, Google has announced that it will continue as a product for enterprise users.

Social media is constantly changing, but by keeping up with the latest changes and algorithm changes, you can rest assured that your social media networks will continue to generate the desired results. For more information about our social media management services, get in touch with a member of our expert team on 01245 287 864, today.



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