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December 12, 2018

A Web Design Round Up For 2018

Web design is a fundamental aspect behind any successful business. Unless you are aware of the current trends that are shaping the market, you are certain to lose out on customers and ultimately sales. This year has seen a number of new concepts enter the fray, as we are starting to see sizable shifts in the way people lay out their websites.

Below, we have identified the most prominent trends that have taken the design industry by storm and how they could hugely benefit your business.

The Five Best Web Design Trends For 2018:

  1. Responsive Design

Although responsive designs have been a regular component over the last few years, the trend has still proven to be huge throughout 2018. This has now taken on even more impetuous since the rise in use of mobile devices compared to desktops. Many eCommerce businesses are starting to make sure that their web design is mobile friendly since a recent article by Outer Box suggests that around half of internet traffic now comes from mobile users.

Unless you have created layouts that provide users with a proficient experience, they are highly unlikely to stick around. This has proven to be highly detrimental to any SEO credibility, which is going to harm your website’s exposure within Google. In some cases, you could create a separate web design for mobile devices, however it’s usually recommended that you construct something that is equally responsive on both platforms.

Having a well-designed and fast loading website will require all your body copy, images and any other elements to be correctly proportionate on both mobile and desktop. Unless this has been implemented, you could find certain parts of your web design overlapping or appearing in the wrong places. Over the course of the year, many industry leading designers have turned to approved website builders which create layouts that already cater for both mobile and desktop devices.

  1. Chatbots

Over the course of the year, the use of chatbots has increased significantly and become an integral part behind effective web design. These nifty widgets provide business owners with the prime opportunity to engage with customers the very moment they land on their website, where they can instantly answer any questions or queries related to the services and products available.

This software has become increasingly more advanced during 2018, with a number of applications now coming with automated responses. That means any common questions can be answered without human intervention, which helps to free up more time for you to focus on other aspects of your website’s overall performance.

Here is an example of how an effective chatbot works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJ0B-6RlT5k

  1. Animation

This year has seen a huge decrease in the popularity of autoplay videos, which are now starting to be replaced with dynamic and creative animation feeds. This has proven to be a quick and easy way of making your web design visually appealing and ultimately less static. There are now a number of websites that are incorporating animations into their background images and banners.

  1. Microinteractions

This concept takes animation into the very next level, as you can really start to harness user engagement within your web design. They are highly innovative since they instantly react to whatever the user is doing within each page in real-time. You can create really fun and dynamic tones for all your navigational menus and booking modules.

It has proven to create a much more positive tone for any web design layout, since you are giving the user much more power over the way they interact with your site. Customers are going to be highly stimulated from the feeling of browsing through inventive websites that offer more than their direct competitors.

  1. Original Illustrations

Stock photography is something that appears in most websites, but this year has seen the emergence of people opting for original illustrations instead. Many businesses are starting to hire artists to create bespoke artwork that can become synonymous with their branding. This can help transform your business image and give you a recognizable personality.

Although this can be a costly route to take, there is every reason to believe that creating a unique vibe for your website will help you stand out from the crowd. This is especially important for any landing pages, since you need to make an instant impact with any visitors when they first arrive.

Looking Ahead

All these trends have shaped 2018 and are certain to be highly important as we move into the New Year. This has been identified by a number of industry experts, such as James Pruden at The Drum, who has expressed the importance of designing websites that cater for the increasing number of people using mobile devices.

He commented: It’s vital to implement mobile first design in 2019. In 2015, mobile searches overtook those on desktop, making mobile search the highest search form worldwide. In accordance with this, Google has changed which sites they index first — they now prioritise mobile sites over those that aren’t mobile friendly”.

“However, it’s worth bearing in mind that this push toward mobile first design isn’t just based on ranking factors or SEO, the visual result must enhance the user’s experience on the device that they will most likely be searching from.”

This is especially prevalent when it comes to effective eCommerce stores, since you will need to have websites that enable people to access any services or products with the utmost amount of efficiency.

Having websites that are easy to navigate and have implemented some creative flair are far more likely to entice customers into making purchases when visiting their site. Putting in place the trends from 2018 are the sure fire way to get ahead of the competition and make some sizable returns for your business.

Unless you have made your web design both desktop and mobile friendly, you are certain to miss out when it comes to the higher Google rankings. Here at Absolute Digital, we have a dedicated design team, who have all the required skills and expertise to ensure your website is ready and primed as we enter 2019. Contact a member of our expert team on 01245 287 864, today.



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