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June 22, 2017

Can SEOs & Content Marketers Work Together?

One of the biggest feuds within a digital marketing agency is that between the SEOs and the content marketers. While the two teams will often have a lot of overlap, the line between technical and creative can be very easy to cross, and if this art is not done correctly. In order to understand whether or not SEOs and content marketers can work together to produce excellent copy that is highly optimised, we are looking at the facts, and breaking down the roles of the SEOs and content marketers within the agency.

blog-2355684_960_720The Facts About Content

The impact content marketing has on a digital marketing campaign shows how important content is when combined with a digital strategy. Research shows that if a business publishes more than 16 blogs per month they will receive almost 3.5x more traffic than companies that published 0-4 monthly posts. In addition to this, content marketing also costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads, which shows just how important content marketing is for a business – content is king after all.

This isn’t just for B2C companies that are posting regular blogs. In fact, 81% of major B2B purchases start with a website search, meaning it is more important than ever to ensure that products are easy to find. Combining this SEO technique with optimised and engaging content that answers the questions the viewers have and educates them can very quickly boost your site’s search visibility. This alone shows just how important it is for SEOs and content marketers to work together.

Technical vs. Creative

One of the major clashes that SEOs and content marketers have is the line between technical and creative. There is very little creativity when it comes to SEO, and while SEOs understand that Google are looking for natural and engaging content that is valuable to the reader, their primary concern is going to be that the content is optimised – no matter what.

This makes the role of the content marketers more difficult. How do you weight up creativity with SEO optimisation? Does this make SEOs or content marketers better qualified to optimise content? In order to understand this, we’re breaking down each role and analysing how they can best feed into each other.

computer-767776_960_720The Role Of SEOs

SEOs are generally not writers. They deal with the technical side of a website, and have a keen understanding of what Google and search bots want. They find problems and implement solutions in order to help a site’s search visibility, and generally, the only involvement an SEO will have when it comes to content is to provide the copywriters with the keywords that they want implemented within it.

The Role Of A Copywriter

The copywriter on the other hand, needs to know a lot more about SEO than a SEO needs to know about content. This is because writing highly optimised, yet creative and incredible content requires an understanding of the way search engines work. If a content writer doesn’t know what a search engine and bots are looking for, how are they ever going to write appropriate content that will help the page to rank?

The writer will need to focus on the visitor. They need to write content that will answer the visitors’ questions in a clear and concise way, which is also engaging and highly relevant. But that doesn’t mean that they can forget about the search engine, because if they do, the chances are the SEOs review will result in an entire rewrite of the content.


The best way to ensure that the content of a client’s site is the best it can possibly be, is to integrate the skills of both SEOs and content marketers. The technical side will be covered by the SEOs and the creative side will be covered by the writers, helping to craft engaging content that is search engine optimised, provides visitors with all of the information they are looking for to answer their questions, brings targeted traffic to the site, utilises keywords where necessary, and ultimately helps to move the visitors through the conversion funnel, to improve goal completion.

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