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July 5, 2017

Celebrations: ANOTHER Apprentice Has Passed!

Our team of apprentices appear to all be nearing the end of their apprenticeships, but we’re proud to announce we’re taking on another ex-apprentice as a full-time employee here at Absolute Digital Media. Here, Jake is talking to us about what he’s enjoyed most about working at Absolute, and his favourite parts of the role.


“Since being at Absolute from the start of my apprenticeship in June 2016 I have learnt so much, not just about SEO but about working with a team as well. The Outreach Team is a key part of why I have enjoyed the past year. If anyone is ever struggling or falling behind everyone will do their best to all chip in and help in order to reach the goal. No task is too big for Team Outreach!

Although the college work can be hard at points it is always so rewarding when I am able to complete a unit towards my Level 3 in digital marketing and essentially tick another box. Everything I have learnt at college has allowed me to do more at work and be more proficient at my job.

Digital marketing and SEO is quite a hard concept to grasp and at times can be quite frustrating. However the constant knowledge and news that grows from it is quite remarkable really. It is forever evolving and adapting, as are we at Absolute. I have learnt here that there is not one set way to do anything and you should always try to branch out and try other things. For instance, there are many ways that you can link build and there are loads of different things we are trying every day here to create new possibilities and provide more for our customers.

I can’t wait to carry on learning more about SEO and Digital Marketing in the future and broaden my knowledge as this is always what I am looking to do and I am in the perfect industry to do this. I have so much that I want to learn and I feel like I am able to now grow with the industry to better myself. I look forward to continuing my employment at Absolute and progressing within my job.

I would like to thank Absolute for everything they have done for me over the past year and the opportunity they have provided for me to progress in my career path. I look forward to now working at Absolute full time and continuing to work with the whole team full of great people.”


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Jake Ridley

Jake is a big team player and is always ready to help out the team if needed. With a lot of knowledge in link building he is contantly gaining guest posts for his clients and push them up rankings. Jake always pushes for success and does not accept failure. When Jake isn't at work he likes to play football and go out with his friends.

Email j.ridley@absolutedigitalmedia.com

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