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September 17, 2018

Choosing The Best Content Format For Link Building

Link building has long-since stood as a powerful tool in marketing and SEO best practices and as a result, it’s no secret that utilising trustworthy, natural and authoritative link placements on websites can help elevate your content to that much-deserved ranking. Long-form or short-form written content have often thought to be the go-to choice for links, however, one hotly debated question rising up is whether other content forms are the most effective when it comes to building up a back-link log.

Do Static And Long-Form Still Work?

Static and long-form content have often been thought to be some of the most effective link building forms and are traditionally the go-to choice for beginners and those seeking an easy link. Of course, they do still hold power in terms of encouraging links, but just how much?


Static content forms tend to come in the form of images and infographics and have proven to be a popular choice amongst marketing and SEO professionals. Understandably so, as a well-designed image or infographic can easily catch the eye of a user and offer smooth reading throughout. However, there have been concerns that infographics are becoming overused and that as a result, they could soon become ineffective – yet, with no need for a developer and a basic CMS access, they are still a simple way to produce a link either via direct links to the page, or through embed codes. Providing the infographics remain intelligent, informative and actually entertaining, they could still avoid a downfall yet.


Long-form content of course refers to long pieces of text and therefore don’t necessarily hold the same visual impact of a static piece or the gifs and interactive elements we’ll be exploring further on. However, despite this, using long-form content to gain links can still be possible if the information proves to be useful and genuinely trustworthy. If you put together an ultimate guide to an industry-specific topic, building up natural links is still very much a possibility providing that it can be used as an entertaining but authoritative resource.

How About Gifs?

As every social media user will know, Gifs have become a hot commodity in the online world and you’d hardly be blamed for taking an interest in these technological treasures. In a similar way to infographics, gifs can provide you with both direct links, and embed links and are a much more attention-stealing method in which to do so. A gif can easily be placed onto a piece of content or linked to via social media and due to the automatic ‘play’ feature, anyone that passes this will see and experience whichever message you’re looking to portray.

However, with minimal time to catch their attention and get your message across, we can’t rely solely on gif use to build up a substantial bank link profile. This is where interactive content comes in.

Is Interactive The Way Forward?

There has been a surge of interactive content over the years, particularly on social media where the likes of ‘stories’, quizzes, polls and even more sophisticated forms. Whatever the case, these interactive elements encourage visitors and users to get involved with the content being linked to or embedded in order to further enrich the content consumption experience. With a front-end web developer on a project, it’s relatively simple to get started with interactive content however there is still quite a way to go in terms of getting this content form to become a key link building source.

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