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October 9, 2018

Google Ranking Drops & How To Deal With Them

You may have noticed that your Google ranking has dropped, and you might be wondering why this has happened. Even though your site might have only dropped for a short period of time, you may be a little confused as to what caused it. Diagnosing the cause as quickly as possible is essential when solving the problem and getting your site’s ranking back to the top.

Algorithm Updates

One of the main reasons why your position may drop on Google is because of algorithm updates. The algorithms used by Google, are to provide the user with the best experience possible. The updates occur more regularly than you may think, with some going under the radar, due to them being so small. With the help of websites, including Google Algorithm Tool, you can check to see whether your Google ranking drop coincided with an update.

Keep up-to-date with any of Google’s algorithm updates, so you can be as prepared as possible for them. Make sure that you take the time to learn about the updates, so you can ensure that your site can keep up with the changes, in addition to learning ways in which your site can rank higher from the updates.

Server Issues

This can be a difficult issue to diagnose due to its complexity. If you think that the problem may be the server, check for any unusual errors via the server logs. Search Console allows you to see what Google receives when a request for a page is made. Your rankings can drop because of empty mark-up that is served by Googlebot.

Outranked By A Competitor

If you are outranked by one of your competitors, you will usually only experience a slight drop in Google’s rankings if this is the case. You need to monitor your competitors to understand what they are doing, if you notice that you have been ranked below them. By understanding the link building strategies of your competitors, you can predict their next moves, and be ahead.

In order to be different to your competitors, ensure that your content is for the user, in addition to making it creative. By keeping an eye on your competitor’s content strategies, you will be able to make your content better.

Google Flux

Identifying a Google Flux is difficult, and everything on your site will appear to look fine. This will include; no on-page issues, no competitors issues, or linking issues. Unfortunately you cannot prevent Google Flux from happening, so don’t spend your time trying to avoid it from affecting your site, because if it does occur, your site will be back up and running in just a few days.

Google Penalty

Diagnosing a Google penalty is rather easy. You will notice a big drop in rankings on Google, which can happen in a very quick space of time, such as overnight. If a Google penalty has affected your site, you will see a drop of over 10-20 positions on a number of keywords.

The first thing you should check, if you think that your site has been affected by Google penalty, is your Google Webmaster Tools account. You will be able to see any notifications from Google regarding any actions that have been taken against your site.

If your site drops rankings on Google, then hopefully this will help you to diagnose the reason why, and assist you in solving the issue. With some problems being difficult to identify, you may take a little longer to sort the problem out and get your site back up and running like usual.

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