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September 25, 2018

Google To End Ban On Cryptocurrency Ads

Since June 2018, cryptocurrency ads have been banned across Google’s platform – but this is set to change. This week, Google announced that these ads will be making a return to the search engine from the start of October.

But What Does This Mean For Business?

This is beneficial for Cryptocurrency businesses’ as they can begin using elements of the search engine such as Google Adwords and other advertising sites across the platform one again. This is perfect for cryptocurrency experts and newbies alike as this could have the potential to further expand the industry into other means.

We have already seen his expansion into using cryptocurrency to pay for university tuition and other elements of business, so it is very possible that we could seean expansion into other fields such as online shopping and banking. While only time will tell, with the reintroduction of cryptocurrency ads onto the platform, we are sure to see some form of rising with the number of people beginning and continuing to invest in the new currency.

With Google reintroducing these adds as well as other platforms such as Facebook, it appears that the idea of cryptocurrency is beginning to become a well-received idea. Although there are still the sceptics among us that question the stability of such a currency, it is slowly but surely starting to make its way back into the more traditional forms of advertising and media, meaning very exciting times for the future of cryptocurrency.

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