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October 24, 2018

How Can I Make My Site Mobile-First Ready?

The term ‘mobile-first indexing’ may have been flying around your office, or you may have seen it popping up here and there in blogs and articles. If you are still unsure regarding what mobile-first indexing is, you have landed yourself in the right place. We’re taking a closer at mobile-first indexing and how it could take years, below.

What Is Mobile-First Indexing?

In simple terms, mobile-first indexing refers to how Google will choose the mobile version of a piece of content for ranking and indexing. It was introduced so that mobile versions were put first, and now Google is crawling these versions to rank them.

What Will Happen To Desktop?

It seems as if mobile rankings are going to become more important to desktop, but one must remember that ranking and indexing have separate purposes and are not the same. Therefore, by Google changing the way it indexes, doesn’t mean that it is changing how it ranks websites.

How Can I Make My Site Mobile-First Ready?

  • Responsive Design

Having a responsive website and design is of high importance because they offer an optimised browsing experience. By having a responsive design your site will rank well on mobile and desktop, due to the adaptable changes to the size of your website to the user’s screen.

Therefore, when designing your site, to ensure that it will flexible for both mobile and desktop, you may need to:

  • Define default zoom
  • Create a mobile menu
  • Adapt font sizes and the style

Of course there are more ways in which you can do this.

Additionally, you need to make sure that you keep your site usable, so test it on different devices in various browsers, to ensure that your content is still readable and engaging for the user.

  • Make Your Content Mobile-Optimised

People are glued to their mobile phones now more than ever, so ensure that your content is optimised like the rest of your website. After all, high quality, engaging content is essential to have a good user experience and avoid them clicking off of your site. To do this, you must understand user behaviour, as well as their preferences.

Content is valuable, and as long as it is enjoyable for the user to read, they will remain on your mobile site for longer. Use all the different types of content, from GIF, to articles to videos and even meme’s. Due to the visitors to your site having different interests, cover every angle with your content.

Don’t bulk your content together, even if it is on a mobile, and make the headline short and punchy to convince the reader to stay on your site.

  • Use A Mobile-Optimised Website Builder

Making your website mobile responsive is of the upmost importance, so why not use a mobile optimised website builder. This will take your site further, by being able to detect whether your user is using a phone or a tablet, and adjusting your site appropriately to fit the size of the device.

What’s more, having a fast website will keep your user on your site, as no one likes to wait! This will lead to a lower bounce rate and higher engagement.

Instead of waiting for a new algorithm update from Google before you start making various changes to your site, be one step ahead and make your site ideal for mobile-first indexing. For more information about how mobile-first indexing could take years, get in touch with a member of our expert team on 01245 287 864, today.



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