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January 11, 2019

How To Achieve Your Marketing Goals Through Facebook Advertising

There is a common misconception that Facebook is slowing down and starting to lose the imperious dominance it boasted in previous years. The fact remains that the Social Media giant is still a huge player when it comes to effective marketing, giving you access to over 1 billion potential customers from around the world.

With a number of tried and trusted features that aim to engage users and entice them into making purchases for certain products and services, no business can afford to not use the platform to enhance their brand and increase the likelihood of making sales.

Here, we have broken down the best ways to use Facebook, and in particular the selection of advertising options the platform provides its users. Once you have identified the channels that could benefit your business the most, there is no reason not to believe that the opportunities that Facebook presents could be the turning point for your credentials as we head into the new year.


Design A Bespoke Page For Your Business

This is the sure fire way to create a fully interactive platform to increase your brand identity. You can share all your content within a purposely designed page that can act as the catalyst for people to look further into the type of business you provide.

Once you have ascertained an accurate perception of the demographic accessing your page, you can tailor your content to suit their age and personality traits to fully maximise any kind of advertisements you have in place.

You need to be engaging and show your human side, as Facebook is essentially a place for people to interact with amusing and stimulating content that is designed to emanate a positive tone. Try to be funny and make your page the go to place where people can expect creativity and flair.

Use Facebook Ads

You can of course use the highly popular Facebook Ads feature, which allows you to place listings into the side columns within the main site. This type of advertisement is more commonly referred to as Marketplace Ads, and provides you with the opportunity to publicise any unique selling points that are likely to attract the attention of new or existing customers.

There are a number of incredibly beneficial features that make the use of Facebook Ads both proficient and effective when it comes to online marketing strategies. The website will use sophisticated targeting software to determine the precise individual that would be likely to show interest in your business.

Recent studies have put Facebook Ads in direct comparison with Google Display Ads in order to work out their efficiency levels. It was discovered that Facebook ads have a CTR of around 0.051%, and a CPC cost of approximately $0.80. However, Facebook offers fully customisable options for all their ad placements, making sure you are getting the solutions that best fit the budget you have allocated.

FB Ads

Pay To Promote Your Posts

If you want instant exposure, then you can always pay a flat rate to get any of your posts into circulation within Facebook. This is the most guaranteed way to ensure any important information is being viewed by a large audience, giving you a far greater opportunity to achieve impressions.

It’s important to understand that this feature is also applicable to individuals who may have previously liked or shared pages and content that relates to your site. In order to achieve consistent levels of engagement, you need to target as many people as you possibly can.

Most people have incredibly cluttered timelines within Facebook, which means posts that have not been paid for could quite easily get swamped by other content.#

Create Sponsored Stories

This has proven to be highly popular, even since Facebook allowed advertisers to run Ads within the stories function. Using this feature will greatly enhance the chances of building a strong network of individuals within Facebook.

Once you have posted stories onto your timeline, all the subsequent interactions will be instantly publicised. If an individual sees that a handful of their friends have liked one of your stories, they are then going to be inclined to follow suit.

Facebook have made claims that their sponsored stories have the ability to achieve 46% higher CTR’s, and 20% lower CPC costs compared to the more conventional Facebook Ads. This means they have the numbers and credibility to really make head way when it comes to effective digital marketing within Facebook.

Develop Facebook Competitions

Another simple and effective way of advertising within Facebook would be the hold dedicated competitions that aim to promote your business. This is going to create a really positive and exciting tone around your business, giving people real incentives to explore what you have to offer.

It’s important to remember that Facebook can’t create these competitions for you, and that you will need to design them within a third party platform. Once you have put in place your competition, Facebook will be able to promote the details across the platform.

There is a whole host of paid tools that are able to assist in the creation and promotion of competitions within Facebook. Many of these are free to use and come with a selection of templates that make the design process smooth and easy every single time.


Don’t dismiss Facebook and social media when it comes to effective digital marketing. Although SEO and PPC campaigns are usually higher on the priority list for marketers, you are certain to be missing out on an abundance of brand credibility by not utilising the features that are a part of various social media platforms.

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