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October 13, 2017

How To Get Google Sitelinks

When running an online business, you’ll know just how important having excellent search rankings is for getting noticed. Google sitelinks can really help your business develop by increasing your CTR as well as your SEO value. But what exactly are sitelinks and how can you get them?

What Are Sitelinks?

Have you ever noticed that when you search for a company on Google, a nice convenient list of alternative pages appears under the main search result? These are sitelinks. They ultimately make it easier for users to navigate themselves around your site before they’ve even clicked any URLs. Google has devised this little algorithm as they understand that when searching for a particular company, not everyone will want to visit their homepage. Instead, they may want to go straight to their services page, or perhaps their blog instead. Therefore, with sitelinks, users are able to find the most relevant results in the quickest amount of time, which can really help your branding.

What you may not have realised is that sitelinks have been around for over a decade – since 2005 to be precise. In 2007, sitelinks became a regular feature in Google search, however the search engine has adapted several times since in order for us to have the layout that we have now. For example, you are only allowed 6 sitelinks per search now instead of the previously allowed 12. Although the specific requirements are always changing, the principle of sitelinks and the optimisation methods will always remain the same.

You may have also noticed that sitelinks are sometimes accompanied by a search bar, this usually occurs when the regular 2/4/6 pack of sitelinks is exceeded. The aim of a search bar is to make navigation even easier for the user.

Why Does Google Like Sitelinks?

Google has spoken out about why they use sitelinks on their search engine, and it all comes down to navigation and helping the user find the ideal search results. If the user finds it easy to navigate your site because of the sitelinks that you offer to them, this means that your links are relevant which can improve your SEO.

It’s also been made very clear that Google will only use sitelinks for sites that it believes will help the user find the results they were looking for quickly. Therefore, if the structure of your site doesn’t support their algorithm to find good sitelinks to improve navigation for users, they won’t be used. So, if you’re considering using sitelinks for your website, you need to ensure your structure is compatible with the sitelink algorithm as well as ensuring that they are completely relevant for what the user is looking for.

Why Are Sitelinks Important?

As already discussed, sitelinks can improve your SEO as Google values relevancy, but this isn’t the only factor. With sitelinks on your website you will already be better than any other online competitors, pushing them below you on the search engine.

Rankings aside, sitelinks can massively improve your CTR, which will help you to generate organic traffic. As well as this, sitelinks can appear in paid search results and there has been evidence supporting the correlation between sitelink visibility and CTR. Ultimately, if you want people to utilise your site, CTR is extremely important and will therefore encourage more people to use your services or buy your products.

Furthermore, sitelinks help to determine how trustworthy your site is. Again, Google loves a trustworthy site, and if sitelinks appear under your site, it’s a strong indication that Google trusts your site. If Google adds sitelinks to your site, it shows how Google is trying to improve your position on their search engine, as the sitelinks themselves take up a lot of room, pushing all competitors further below on the page.

How Can You Get Sitelinks?

Unfortunately, you can’t just generate sitelinks at the click of a button on Google’s Search Console. Instead, there is a process that you need to follow in order to gain Google’s trust and increase the chances of them featuring sitelinks onto your website. By following these steps, you will heighten the chances of sitelinks being featured on your site:

1. Firstly, you need to make sure your site is distinctive from all others on the web to increase your chances of ranking highly on their search engine. This way, if somebody searches for your brand name, it’ll convince Google that the user is definitely looking for your website. Of course, if you have already decided on a brand name and have used it for years, we would not recommend that you change it solely with the intent of generating sitelinks. Instead, the opportunity of having sitelinks will grow with your business.

2. The purpose of sitelinks is all about navigation, so you need to ensure that the structure of your site is as perfect as it can be. This will make it easier for Google to crawl your site and make the decision of generating sitelinks for you. A great way to assist Google with their crawling is to add a sitemap to your Google Search Console account. It will increase the coverage of your webpages as well as define the important pages of your site, which is crucial to allow users to accurately navigate your site as well as help Google to crawl it.

3. The higher you rank in Google’s search engine, the higher your chances of having sitelinks. Therefore, you should focus on all other aspects of SEO, including high-quality content and backlinks to help you push yourself up there.

4. You will need to build high quality internal links to boost your SEO anyway, so you’re essentially killing two birds with one stone here. Internal links will tell Google what the most important pages on your site are, helping them to decide what sitelinks will be most relevant for users.

5. Google will use your page titles as the sitelinks when generating them for you, so when your provide Google with the most important pages on your site, you need to ensure that you make these page titles relevant and snappy. Once again, having short but relevant page titles is a massive SEO element, so we would recommend that you prioritise this even if you haven’t got sitelinks on your agenda.

Having sitelinks might not be mandatory, but it is definitely worth considering if you want to make your SEO as pristine as possible. If you would like to improve your site’s SEO, feel free to get in touch with our team of experts today!



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