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October 2, 2018

How To Improve Your Google E-A-T Rating

Two months ago Google announced that it would be releasing a broad core algorithm update to improve how it matches relevant results to search queries. Although these updates are nothing new, on this occasion there appeared to be a much stronger emphasis on a page’s E-A-T score:

  • Expertise
  • Authority
  • Trustworthiness

The Google Quality Rater Guidelines which were released alongside the update’s announcement state that if your webpage does not rank highly in the E-A-T ratings, its position in search results will likely suffer.

So, to ensure your pages don’t begin to fall down Google’s rankings, here are our top tips to improving your Google E-A-T rating!

Credit Your Authors- Improve Authority

It’s now more important than ever to credit the author of content when publishing it to your site, as the Google rater guidelines explains:  “understanding who is responsible for a website is a critical part of assessing E-A-T”.

For example, if a piece of content is explaining a concept surrounding YMYL (Your Money Your Life), it must come from a reputable source – and the only way to find out if the author has authority on the subject is by crediting them! If the author’s information isn’t immediately available your E-A-T score will begin to plummet.

Despite this, crediting the author for landing or product pages is less significant, as long as the visitor has easy access to the business contact information, it should suffice.

Secure your site- Improve Your Sites Trustworthiness

A web page’s reliability isn’t solely based on status or precision, the site’s security also comes into question. The rater guidelines listed the types of pages that tend to receive a low E-A-T rating, one of which was a “shopping checkout page that has an insecure connection”.

With Google Chrome now labelling every web address that includes ‘http’ opposed to ‘https’ as not secure, its likely a variety of sites will begin to suffer as a result. If you’re facing a similar challenge, it’s instrumental that you attain an SSL certificate to ensure your pages redirect to the correct ‘HTTPS’ URL.

Edit Low E-A-T Content- Improve Your Expertise

So, what do you do once your site has been branded with a low E-A-T rating?

Well, you’ll need to alter the pages immediately, as they will be negatively effecting your site’s overall reputation. Completely cutting them will lose your spot in the search results all together, so the best course of action is to rework the page to try and boost its E-A-T score.

One way you can do this is by writing from personal experience. The guidelines state that: “For some topics, the most expert sources of information are ordinary people sharing their life experiences on personal blogs, forums, reviews, discussions, etc.”

Another method for improving your E-A-T score would be by consulting an expert on the subject after you’ve written a post and ask for a comment. If you’ve recently written a piece on how to save money, contact a financial adviser to find out that the post is reliable, ask them for statement around the subject, include it in the piece and supply their details along with the authors.

What To Take Away:

The algorithm has only been updated in an attempt to improve the type of pages website’s produce and provided the content you post is useful and you follow these three easy steps you’ll retain a strong E-A-T score.

If you’d like to understand more about search engines and how to optimise your site so you can rank higher in the SERPs, contact a member of our expert team on 01245 287 864, today.



Evaldas Balcius

As our in-house PPC genius (and SEO technical expert), Evaldas knows everything there is to know about paid search. A Google AdWords and Google Analytics Qualified Professional, he has over seven years’ practical experience in the online marketing sector and also boasts a Master’s diploma degree in Business IT.

Having worked client side and for dedicated search agencies it’s safe to say he has an unrivalled understanding of expectations from both parties. Originally from Lithuania, Evaldas loves exploring England, especially places of historical interest, as well as spending time with his family.

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