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December 4, 2018

How To Reward Your Customers This December

Making the most of the Christmas period for both your business and the customer can be a challenging feat, however, there is a way to do both with ease. Whether you are implementing a social media campaign that consumers can participate in or you are using the humble but effective discount card to treat your customers there are plenty of ways you can gratify your customers for their loyalty. Here in this blog, we are going to give you some simple ways to do exactly that and reward your customers this December.

What Can This Do For Your Business?

Rewarding your customers around the holiday season does a lot more than just make them feel special, it also has the potential to strengthen the relationship between business and customer thus boosting your company’s satisfactory rating This could be beneficial for your business as this will strengthen the relationship between the company and the customers, lead to an increase in return of investment as well as improve  the customer retention rate of your company.

Social Media Exclusives

One of the ways that you can reward your customers this holiday season is through the use of social media. By offering exclusive deals on your social media accounts you can ensure that you not only boost the engagement on these channels but you also offer the most loyal members of your fan base deals that they cannot get anywhere else. This can be in the form of discount codes or as coupons for you to collect to get money off a product or service.

Discount Cards

If your business operates in the shopping industry, another way that you can reward your customers during the holiday season is through the use of gift cards. Whether this is a small amount off of their next purchase, or a gift card for £50-£100 depending on the amount that they spend, this will help them to feel valued during the holiday season. This may also promote a boost in the customer retention rate that your business is experiencing as this not only makes them feel valued but it entices them to come back. If they keep having positive experiences when visiting your store then you are more likely to see a potential rise in ROI as well.


Another way that you can reward your customers this holiday season is through the use of a bit of healthy competition. This can be a competition for a grand prize such as an amount of money off a product or service, or even the chance to showcase content or an experience. Competitions are the perfect way to not only show appreciation for your audience but also involve them in the business and allow them to interact with you.

For example, a competition for the best piece of content could be beneficial for a company as this not only boosts engagement but it also allows you to give back to the customers with an entry prize as well as a prize for the winner. This is something that can have a profound effect on the way that your customers interact with your business and help them to feel valued in the long term.

Deals Daily

One of the other interactive ways that you can make your customers feel valued throughout the Christmas period is to offer a deal every day of the advent. Whether this is a deal that pops up on screen or a discount code sent through an email marketing campaign this will help the customer to feel valued and will also help to increase the amount of engagement that you see within the company. With other deals such as 25% off, this can have a profound effect on large orders and by offering high-quality items at a fraction of the cost, also has the potential to encourage new customers to begin buying your products and services as well as ensuring that you have an increased level of engagement.

Mystery Gifts

A mystery gift is another perfect way to entice and reward your customers during the holidays. By giving all those that visit your physical store the option to gain a mystery gift, this will reward the customers that visit in person and get into the Christmas spirit at the store. This will then help to boost the morale of those in the store as well as encourage customers to buy from you more regularly.

Rewards programs

If you already have a customer reward program in place at your company then this could be the perfect time to utilise the system by offering exclusive discounts to those that are enrolled in the scheme. This is vital as this will encourage more people to sign up to the reward initiative. The discounts on the reward program should not differ substantially to those that don’t have it, however, it is important to give your customers an incentive to sign up. By doing this, you can then guarantee either conversion online with those signing up or from the return of investment in the store with those customers looking to get the most from the reward program, making this a win-win situation for your business.

Although there is a benefit for your customers throughout this process, it is also important to note that there are benefits for your company too. With the number of conversions and the number of people engaging with your site increasing, this has the potential to boost overall rankings and your SEO efforts.

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