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July 27, 2016

How To Supercharge Your Ethical Link Acquisition

Link acquisition is an important part of SEO, and although guest posts in particular are considered to be old school, they are still very easy to acquire and also a very effective form of link acquisition. From helping all parties involved and building strong relationships with webmasters, and producing high-quality content, there are many ways that you can supercharge your ethical link acquisition.

marketing-1466315_960_720Link Earning

The most ethical form of link acquisition is through link earning. This comes with webmasters naturally wanting to link to you, because of your high quality content, and the relationship that you build with them. Link acquisition is weighted heavily in Google’s algorithm, and the best way to earn links is by producing original, interesting and timely content. Although it might seem cliché, a strong content creation strategy really is powerful, and incorporating quality content is a fool-proof way to earn link placements.

Link earning is the most ethical form of link acquisition, and shareable content, alongside building mutual relationships with webmasters is the best way to get there. Good content always serves as good link bait (content that other sites want to link) to, whether it’s an evergreen infographic, a viral video or blog posts. Timeless content is lasting link bait, and in some cases is very valuable both now and in the future.

search-engine-76519_960_720Tiered Link Acquisition

Tiered link acquisition is a unique approach to link building, in which you essentially build backlinks to your backlinks, in order to give your first tier more strength and authority. Unethical link builders would normally do this through a PBN structure and more often than not will receive Google penalties. Simply, it is not a good approach, and more ethical link acquisition is more likely to get you the results you want.

A well thought out tiered link approach will give you a way to boost the equity of your money site by diluting through your tiers, therefore boosting you pages’ relevance and ultimately your website’s positions. The process acts as a knock-on effect, as each link boosts the tier before it. Ideally, tier one links should come from domains that Google already trusts, in order to build a strong foundation for your link building campaign.

Each tier should possess a different factor in order to make your ethical link acquisition campaign a success, and following these factors are the perfect way to supercharge your links.

Tier 1 should consist of high quality content and target domains that Google trusts. Tier 2 should be contextual and relevant to the tier 1 links, as well as having lots of strong metrics across multiple channels, and tier 3’s major factor is quantity. Ensuring that your tiered link building strategy is done right means that you don’t have to worry about negatively affecting your website or being penalised. Although the link building process can take a lot of time, particularly when it comes to building the relationships with webmasters and producing high quality content, it really can supercharge your link acquisition strategy, and help to boost your website on a SERP.

customer-service-1433639_960_720Personalised Relationships

When it comes to trying to place a guest post on a site as part of your ethical link acquisition campaign, you need to remember that the webmaster is a human. Personalising emails, making sure that the content that you are sending is of a high quality and relevant to that webmaster’s site, and meeting any guidelines are all ways of building a personalised relationship. Once again, this comes back to link earning. Prove to the webmaster WHY they should link your guest post. An automated, impersonal email will make the webmaster think that it’s simply coming from a robot and they will ignore it.

When it comes to ethical link acquisition, you’re looking to benefit everyone. Tier 1 gets high quality content and additional links, tier 2 gets high-quality content, and then you will get increased visibility, traffic, leads and a great SEO boost for your site.

To find out how we can help you with an ethical link acquisition campaign, contact a member of our friendly team today.



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