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September 24, 2018

How To Write Compelling Meta Descriptions

Tackling the grueling task of writing meta descriptions can be daunting at the best of times, however, there is plenty that can be done to enhance your site presence by writing a compelling meta description and we are going to give you advice on how to do just that!

Short & Sweet

When writing meta descriptions, it can be challenging to identify what length it should be and with Google’s recent algorithm changes, there is a certain air of confusion around the topic. Google has recently revealed that they are considering reversing the memta description length update that took place in December 201.This helps ensure that each meta description is short and to-the-point, removing the ‘fluff’ that would otherwise pad out this description.


The most important element when creating informative meta descriptions is to ensure that they are as informative as possible, while keeping them short and to-the-point.. They not only need tocapture the attention of the relevant audience, but they must also inform users about the product or service in just a few characters.

If your meta description is not informative, then this could decrease the click-through rate of the site.As a result, you could see drop in your sites rankings.

Call To Action

Another way to properly ensure that you have a compelling meta description, is to have a call to action. This will not only help to make the description short and snappy, but it will also help to convince the user to click on the link. In short, the call to action is a crucial part of ensuring that you have the best possible chance of generating a click.

User Experience

Although user experience is something that should be always a top priority, a meta description is something that can help boost this. Not only will it help to increase the amount of organic traffic that you see coming to your site, but it will also benefit user experience as they will be able to see the information that they need without having to search the web for other relevant sites.

If the description contains keywords, then you can ensure that the page will appear when the relevant terms or keyword is searched.

With all this in mind, there are plenty of elements that go into creating a compelling meta description and all are as important as the next. Where will you start when tackling your meta descriptions?



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