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November 1, 2017

Influencer Outreach & Content Marketing – Is There A Difference?

When it comes to influencer outreach and content marketing, it can be difficult to determine the difference between the two. They may seem like similar processes and some businesses may claim to be carrying out some form of content marketing when they’re actually aiming their practices at influencer outreach, or vice versa. It’s an easy mistake to make if you don’t truly understand the definitions and processes behind each term, but our team at Absolute Digital Media are here to help.

Both marketing strategies are effective in their own right, bringing in awareness and credibility to your business, but what if we told you that they could work together to be something amazing? In order to help you understand the importance of both marketing strategies, we should probably first define the difference between the two:

audience-828584_960_720What Is Influencer Outreach?

In simple terms, influencer outreach is the act of identifying key individuals who have an engaged audience and directing marketing towards them, in order to receive visible endorsement of your brand, service or product. Influencer outreach is focused on an individual rather than the whole market and is one of the most effective and influential forms of advertising. You can establish brand awareness, credibility and even sales if the influencer you have outreached to has a dedicated, active audience. This kind of marketing is usually focussed through online efforts and can organically grow the reach of your company rather than paying to reach your customers directly. Good relationships with your influencer can be mutually beneficial, especially if you happen to offer something in return.

wordpress-265132_960_720What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is essentially what it sounds like – marketing with content. By definition, content marketing is the process of creating and posting high quality and valuable content to inform, engage and attract an audience, all while promoting your brand. After all, buyers will be looking online for solutions to their issues, and your brand can be that solution. Content marketing can provide you with a number of opportunities to improve your brand awareness, can help your audience understand more clearly what your brand stands for, and can provide a greater reach for your marketing efforts in the long-term. The longevity of content marketing is one of the most important factors – as your library of content grows, you’ll reach out to more interested buyers than ever.

hands-1926704_960_720How Can Influencer Outreach Improve Your Content Marketing?

In answer to the title question, influencer outreach and content marketing are similar, but it is important to understand that they are not the same. In fact, influencer outreach can actually go hand-in-hand with your content marketing, helping to bolster your overall marketing efforts. The key here is to target the right influencers for the content that you are creating. Having high quality, valuable content being spread by influencers will help your message to reach more potential customers through the influencer’s engaged audience.

There are a number of different ways that you can approach an integrated content marketing and influencer outreach strategy. This strategy is primarily online, and can include posting your content on an influencer’s website or blog to gain awareness for your brand, or simply approaching the influencer via phone or email in order to attract the attention you believe your content deserves. Well-written content will pull in more readers and ultimately more customers for your brand and business.

Overall, influencer outreach and content marketing should be integrated in order to develop a well-rounded and long-standing marketing strategy. Well written content can have a bigger influence the further it reaches, and influencer outreach can help give you the boost that your content could need to reach beyond your natural capabilities. If you pick the right influencers, your content will even reach the exact target audience that your brand is aiming at.

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