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October 1, 2018

LinkedIn Is Improving Sponsored Content

LinkedIn’s approach to sponsored posts and ads has so far had plenty of room for improvement but recent news suggests that they are currently working on a number of changes to promote better engagement and click-through rates.

LinkedIn was specifically designed with businesses in mind so that they could connect on a social media platform. It has also developed into an excellent space for freelance workers looking for work or a career, by connecting them with potential job prospects. Since it was founded in the latter part of 2002, LinkedIn has shown to be a success as a networking space for professionals.

However, the advertising process through LinkedIn often left marketers frustrated due to a number of UX and general functionality flaws. With a similar budget to that on Facebook, companies weren’t able to gain as many actionable clicks and with ‘see more’ clicks costing the advertiser money, it often wasn’t profitable.

However, LinkedIn is now looking to improve by making the clicks on ‘see more’ on any post free, which does mean that some advertisers may notice an Increase in CPC and that a click will only be counted if the link that is included in the ad is clicked on by a user. The ‘see more’ feature will no longer be counted as a billable click and as a result, it is likely that advertisers will experience better ROI due to the billed clicks only being those from users that hold intention.

LinkedIn’s move to improve sponsored content holds potential to offer more high-quality clicks for advertisers and for users, clicking on sponsored content will be much more accessible.

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