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January 18, 2016

Monday Mashup Week Commencing 11th January 2016

It’s been a very interesting week in the world of digital marketing. Google has once again taken centre stage with several interesting new announcements & features. Twitter has some interesting news – both good and bad – and Facebook has stumbled upon more legal issues on the continent. If you haven’t had the chance to keep up with the latest developments in digital marketing, make sure you get up to speed now with our Monday Mashup!

Google Maps to Help you Plan What You’re Doing Next

Google Maps PinGoogle Maps on Android is rolling out an interesting new feature – the ability to predict where you’re going next, while giving you updates on traffic, ETAs and quickest routes from A to B – and it does all this with just one tap.

By adding the new Driving widget to your Android’s home screen you will be able to access this new feature. Simply access the App and click the search bar – Maps will then try to guess where you’re going based on your search & GPS history, instantly showing you the information it thinks you want to see. The best example of why you would want to do this can be found on Maps’ official blog – do you head straight home or do you head to the gym first while you wait for the gridlock to end? Now you can decide in just one click

Periscope Now Shows Directly on Your Twitter Timeline

Periscope LogoTwitter has been floundering for years amid growing disinterest in the social media platform’s offerings. Things started to turn around for the company last year when they released Periscope, a live streaming service allowing you to peek into a random person’s live broadcast anywhere on the map.

Given Periscope’s instant success in the Twittersphere, the company has moved to make it more of a core part of the main Twitter experience. As of last Tuesday, Periscope videos can be embedded directly into tweets & played inside the native smartphone app. While this opens potential new avenues for your social marketing efforts, be aware that just as before, video content on Periscope will only be viewable for 24 hours; any tweets viewed after that will simply display a grey box stating “Broadcast not found” under the rest of the Tweet.

Panda is Now Officially Part of Google’s Core Algorithm

PandaFor those of you new to SEO, Panda is a one of Google’s algorithms measuring the quality of your site. Up until now, Panda has worked as a standalone piece of code which would update every now and again, affecting where pages sat on Google’s SERPs until the next update. The main difference between then and now is that as part of the main algorithm, websites are likely to be Panda-checked on a far more regular basis.

What does this mean, exactly? In short, it means that the quality of your content is now more important than ever before. Panda was designed as Google’s weed-killer, finding the sites with poor quality content and removing them from the public eye by burying them deep within the search results. If you’ve been creating content with the sole purpose of stuffing it with traffic-generating keywords, your content is going to hold you back – if you want to rank on Google your emphasis needs to be on quality over quantity.

Google Teaches You Yoga, Without Leaving the SERP

Google logoYogis everywhere will be pleased to know that Google is jumping on-board with their latest set of search cards. Grab your phone and search for your favourite yoga pose and you will see a wealth of information at the top of the SERP, showing you everything from how to do the pose to the muscle groups this pose will target. It will even link you to some follow-up poses you can try.

While this is should satisfy most novices, yogis of a higher level may want to stick to the organic search results for the time being. Whether or not this is the beginning of a trend towards fitness-related search cards remains to be seen, but at the very least this should help a few people with their New Year’s resolutions this month.

Google Search Card - Downward Dog Yoga Pose

Brighton SEO Sells Out Faster than Glastonbury

SEOGlastonbury, one of the UK’s biggest summer music festivals, has been outsold by an SEO conference in Brighton this April. The first round of tickets to BrightonSEO sold out in an astounding minute, beating Glastonbury’s record of 29 minutes by a significant margin.

While the venue may not hold as many people as Glastonbury does, with a 1,700 person capacity in the Brighton Concert Hall, and SEO may not be the new dubstep just yet, it goes to show just how important the role of SEO is in the modern day. Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to secure tickets to the event – we’ll keep you up to date on the best new resources from the event, including where you can watch replays of the talks online.

Twitter Close to the Ground than Ever Before

TwitterLast week we announced that Twitter has plans to change its iconic 140 character limit on its microblog Tweets, opting instead novella-length posts. Under CEO Jack Dorsey, the Tweet, it seems, may be becoming more of a Birdsong.

The public reaction to this news has been less than positive, as seen by Twitter’s stock price hitting an all-time low of $17.27 last Thursday. While the entire stock market was down last week, none of the other companies in the industry took a hit this pronounced.

Germany Finds Facebook Friend Finder Unlawful

Gavel 2Germany’s high court announced last week that Facebook’s Friend Finder legally counts as advertising harassment, and thus is unlawful. By vacuuming email addresses from your phone’s Contacts, the app can send invitations to people who don’t use the service. The court concluded that this practice was not just deceptive marketing, but that Facebook had directly violated Germany’s data protection laws and laws on unfair trade practices.

Facebook has said in an official statement that it is waiting to receive the formal decision from the German High Court and would study the findings “to assess any impact on our services”.


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