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August 21, 2017

My Apprenticeship Has Been An Absolute Pleasure

Another apprentice has completed his apprenticeship, and here, James Leigh has taken the time to tell us about his experience with Absolute!


I have just completed my apprenticeship at Absolute and what a year it has been.  I took a digital marketing level 3 apprenticeship not knowing much about the industry. However, I knew I wanted to develop my understanding of the field and gain new skills in an industry which is forever growing; I felt this would be the best way to do so, I was right to think this.  The past year has been very enjoyable and I have developed a lot of new skills; this is all thanks to the team at Absolute.

On my first day, everyone was warm and welcoming and it helped me to settle into the team. Over the weeks and months the team grew closer together and with the addition of a few new faces, we have become a very strong team. The work can be stressful at times as deadlines are always looming and you can never rely on a webmaster but we always manage to pull off the task at hand even if the odds aren’t in our favour. A huge part of the ethos at Absolute is that we all learn from each other and gain new skills and methods of work from each other. This also allows us to broaden our knowledge of the industry as we are always informing each other of the latest news and updates in the industry.

When I joined Absolute the company was doing well. Now it is growing every day and I like to think the team here have all had a part to play in the success as we are constantly being nominated for awards. We all have our eyes on the same goal as we all want success and to help this company reach its full potential and in order for this to happen, we have to be a team. Without working as a team, we wouldn’t complete our targets and we wouldn’t be able to ensure our clients are happy with their results. I have learnt so much about SEO whilst being at Absolute and before taking the apprenticeship I didn’t even realise SEO existed. Now l am a Google Analytics qualified professional and have a good understanding of SEO – and this is all thanks to the great team here at Absolute.

Each month brings new challenges and tasks to overcome. We are constantly adding to our portfolio of clients and each month we are getting better and better results for them, as the quality of our work is only getting better. It is a good feeling to see your hard work pay off when a client’s site has moved up in the Google rankings due to the hard work you have put in. We are always trying to improve and up our game, as we are still learning and developing invaluable skills that will help us and the company in the future. I can honestly say learning and developing here at Absolute has been a pleasure and I hope I can continue to do this in the future.



James Leigh

James is a part of the outreach team and has found that hard work pays off. Since joining he has learned a lot of valuable skills regarding SEO and is always willing to learn more. James finds it important to meet deadlines and complete the task at hand. When James isn't at work he likes to watch and play football as well as socialise with his friends.

Email j.leigh@absolutedigitalmedia.com

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