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November 22, 2018

Preparing Your Site For The Black Friday Rush


Black Friday is now a staple within retail culture. The general public use this as the prime opportunity to purchase high value goods for obscenely low prices as we enter the final phase before Christmas.

This means adhering to core marketing principles is of paramount importance. There is no better time to re-asses the strategies you currently have in place and determine whether you really are ready to take advantage of this major selling opportunity.

Here at Absolute Digital Media, we understand what it takes to truly maximise the impact your website during this crucial period. Here are some of the most important factors to consider and how they will enhance your chances of making sizable amounts of profit when the Black Friday Rush begins.

Check Website Performance

Your website must look appealing and be user friendly, otherwise people won’t be interested in what you are selling. Shopping can be a laborious task for many people and making life even more difficult is only going to put customers off from shopping on your site.

Effective website design  is one of the best ways to enforce your brand and create a positive tone for your business. There are going to be a wide selection of eCommerce websites that offer similar products, which means being visually stimulating could be the deciding factor behind a successful sale.

You also need to make sure any pages on your website load almost instantly. This will require you to measure loading times and then contacting your web hosting provider if you discover any poor results. There are certain plans that work better for different sites, which means making the right choice is incredibly crucial.

More than half of Internet traffic is now coming from mobile devices, which means making your site mobile friendly should be very high on your list of priorities. If you don’t have a site the looks appealing on mobile devices, you will miss out on sales and potentially harm any SEO credentials.

Improve your SEO

No one will be able to make purchases from your website unless they can find it easily within Google’s listings. There are a number of SEO strategies available that will ensure you have the upper hand over any competitors.

One of the most crucial factors for any effective website is having fully optimized pages. This will entail a number of core elements that all need to be tended to in order to gain a consistent level of traction during Black Friday.

Every page will need to have an optimized title that includes key words that the general public are likely to search in order to find your site. It is recommended that the three most common terms are placed within the title to achieve maximum impact.

You will then need to implement a similar strategy with your H1 header that sits at the top of the page. This is essentially your stake in the ground that tells Google exactly what you want this page to rank for.

The body copy will then need to contain the same key words and be written with the upmost accuracy and precision. Once you have all these elements in place, you will have added substantial amounts of SEO weight and credibility.

Another thing to consider whilst working the SEO for your website is whether any links associated are going to have a negative or positive impact on your authority within Google. Make sure any backlinks have been placed onto highly credible websites that are relevant to the industry in which you operate.

This year has seen Google’s biggest algorithm changes yet, which means being meticulous with your SEO strategy has never been more important.

Advertise your website

You will also need to consider how you are going to spread the word so people are aware of what you have to offer before Black Friday starts. It’s vitally important that you accurately publicise any special offers and deals in order to entice and lure people to your site.

One of the most effective and popular methods for savvy entrepreneurs  is the use of email marketing. This method enables you to take a customer-centric approach with anyone who has previously made engagements with your website. This can be tailor made for each client in order to advertise specific products that you believe would be of most interest to them.

Social Media is still huge and plays a crucial role in effective advertising. You can be highly creative with your content and provide people with the opportunity to get interactive with your brand. The most important thing to consider is the time you send updates and how frequently they are distributed for optimum impact.

SEO and certain marketing strategies can be slow burners if you are looking to take the organic route. However, if you want instant exposure, you can achieve this by putting in place a pay-per-click campaign. If you are certain sales will be made and have a strong marketing budget behind you, then taking this route will make the entire process much quicker.

Be organised

You need to complete multiple tests before Black Friday arrives to ensure you have accurately implemented all the strategies you have in place. This needs to be done frequently in order to achieve the upmost assurances that your website will be fully functional when the big day is here.

As with anything that directly involves technology, there is every chance that problems could occur at the worst possible moments. That means planning ahead and having certain measures in place to counter such issues should be put in place at the earliest opportunity.

Some of the most common problems that need to be considered are poor loading times, errors with payment gateways and any issues that relate to the content within your website.

For more information on how Absolute Digital Media can help you with marketing strategies, you can get in touch with a member of our team on our Contact Page or by calling 01245 287 864.



Ben Austin

With a solid background in the sales and finance industry, Ben was inspired by the possibilities of SEO after propelling his own website to search engine success. With a natural flair for digital marketing and a strong work ethic, his entrepreneurial streak soon took over, leading to the birth of Absolute Digital Media.

Naturally ambitious by nature, Ben didn’t stop here, instead pushing the business to new heights, offering a wider range of services to more and more clients. He is now proud to employ a number of SEO, PPC, web design, social media, copywriting and marketing professionals and is driven by all things digital marketing. His passion and persistence have led the company to multiple awards and accolades, such as the company being awarded the prestigious ‘Best Use Of Search – Finance’ award at the UK Search Awards 2018 and announced as Digital Agency Of The Year at the 2018 Southern Business Awards. When he’s not busy leading the company on new ventures, Ben enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

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