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November 5, 2018

Remember, Remember These Top 5 Content Marketing Techniques

As we head towards the New Year, it’s the perfect time to make a bang with your content marketing campaign to stand out against your competitors. While lasting results require a well thought-out strategy, with the help of the five techniques below, you can begin to work towards achieving this with ease. Read on to find out more.


Email Marketing

This content marketing tool is one of the most frequently used and understandably so. This form of marketing involves emailing a list of contacts with offers and educational content on a fairly regular basis, though this may depend on personal preference. Those who receive the emails must have previously provided you with their email address through your site, usually when downloading something in exchange or signing up for newsletters. As they have given you their email, they should be happy to accept the periodic emails, especially if they contain special offers and research studies that intrigue them.

When constructing your email marketing, look at it with the perspective that you are providing potential clients with information to assist them, which ideally should convince them to work with you further down the line. Using email marketing is a very effective advertising channel, so it is vital that you get it right and appeal to your prospective clients directly. By referring to the client by their first name and including ‘you’ in the content will make it more personal and will improve the overall customer experience.

Additionally, with mobile phones being popular than ever, it is no wonder that over 60% of marketing emails are opened on our phones. Therefore, you need to make sure that your email has been optimised for all mobile devices. Without this, it may not load correctly, or some users may just click away with no intention of returning to desktop.

Social Media

Social media channels work in two ways as content marketing tools; you can post content on Facebook, Twitter and any other network, or you can even use these social platforms as a way to introduce your other content pieces, by linking them back to previous blog posts or whitepapers.

While social media can be abused in some cases, utilising it well can do wonders for your brand. Whether you use the likes of Facebook and Instagram to communicate with your clients directly, or even utilise the advertising feature, the power of social media is unrivalled.

Using hashtags on Twitter, for example, helps your brand become part of leading conversation and although you only have 360 characters to play with, you can make a big enough impact with the right words. On Facebook, use your words to interject your personality to engage with your users and increase the amount of likes, comments and shares on your posts.


It is of paramount importance that your website receives plenty of attention, as it is a very powerful resource. In order for your site to remain successful, it is important that it contains three types of content; Static Web Page Content, Stock Educational Content and Flow Educational Content.

The informative content that is often found on your homepage or on service or product pages around your site, all of which doesn’t change as often as your blog, is known as Static Web Page Content. This should ideally be updated and refreshed at least twice a year.

Flow Educational Content is designed to be short and punchy in order to ensure that it is easily sourced by consumers through either social media or search engines. Blogs are a really good investment of your time, as they generate around 70% additional leads than sites that don’t contain blogs. In fact, websites that contain blogs on average get more than 50% additional traffic to their sites, so they are definitely worth the invested time.

Last, but not least is Stock Educational Content. This includes content such as whitepapers, guides and research reports, which are longer and require resources in order for them to be created. This can help put your site forward as authoritative, trustworthy and with high expertise providing you with the proof or biography necessary to show the information had come from a credible source.

Web Analytics

Google Analytics, a popular web analytics tool, assists you by monitoring activity on your website, including downloads, visits and sources that all give you data to help you measure how successfully your marketing strategy is performing and whether you need to make any changes to improve its effectiveness moving forward.

You can use this information to help you decide which content is performing the best, if you have noticed that certain topics or pieces are proving to be popular with users, then focus on those topics in the future. Your content should be written with users in mind rather than Google, so this could continue to maintain traffic to your site.

Web analytics can work for your website, social media and more, providing you with beneficial data to help you correctly and more effectively target your resources and your campaign itself. Whether you adjust your audience, or you change your SEO tactics, you should always utilise analytics for your campaign.

Testimonials & Reviews

The utilisation of testimonials and the encouragement of clients to leave reviews can both prove beneficial for creating and establishing a trust and rapport with new customers. Previous and current client success stories help to convince those potential customers that your service is right for them.

Have your service rated and use any negative feedback constructively by turning it into a positive by learning from the mistakes. Ideally, if your clients are willing to write a testimonial, encourage this as it can help your customers to not only see the work that you’ve done in the past, but as customers are more likely to believe word of mouth, can provide a better reputation for the business

So, remember, remember these top 5 content marketing techniques and your marketing campaign will erupt out of your screen. For further information regarding content marketing techniques, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team on 01245 287 864 or fill out our online form, today.



Ben Austin

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Naturally ambitious by nature, Ben didn’t stop here, instead pushing the business to new heights, offering a wider range of services to more and more clients. He is now proud to employ a number of SEO, PPC, web design, social media, copywriting and marketing professionals and is driven by all things digital marketing. His passion and persistence have led the company to multiple awards and accolades, such as the company being awarded the prestigious ‘Best Use Of Search – Finance’ award at the UK Search Awards 2018 and announced as Digital Agency Of The Year at the 2018 Southern Business Awards. When he’s not busy leading the company on new ventures, Ben enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

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