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November 28, 2017

SEO Audits: What You Need To Know

Whether you’re a start-up business or a corporate organisation, SEO should be at the top of your priority list. A business can’t function without its clients and without high-quality SEO, you won’t be able to reach your primary target audience effectively, before your competitors reach them. At Absolute, we understand how important SEO is for small, medium and large businesses, and we also understand that not everyone is able to monitor their website’s progress on their own, which is why we are here to assist you. With our free SEO health check, you can be rest assured that we will offer the solution that you need before you decide to fully commit to the proposal. If you’re interested in knowing what is included within your free SEO health check, just keep on reading!

CMSOn-Page Analysis

Content is King” – you might have heard this phrase several times before if you’re looking to improve your SEO. Ultimately, it is true, especially if this content is optimised with keywords that are relevant to your business. Our free SEO health check will identify any potential issues with keywords that you’re trying to rank for, whether that’s because they’re irrelevant to your company or that they’re too competitive within your specific industry. These keywords shouldn’t just be incorporated into your on-page content though, as using them within your page titles will also allow you to rank higher in Google’s search engine. Plus, whilst keywords in meta descriptions don’t have a direct effect on your SEO, optimising these descriptions will still help us to push your chances of ranking for certain keywords.

Despite the need of keywords to rank your website higher in search engines, you also need to make sure you have a balance between the number of keywords you integrate into your content and the actual quality of the content itself. During your health check, we will gain insight into what you’re doing right and wrong with your website’s content. Crafting SEO content is an integrated skill which can be difficult to accomplish without the right direction.

Off-Page Analysis

With so many different elements contributing to your SEO, you’ll want to ensure every single one is targeted and adjusted to allow your rankings to improve. Along with the quality and quantity of your content, your backlink profile is just as important. During your free SEO health check, we will carry out a general analytical overview of your backlink profile, identifying both your trust flow and citation flow to establish the authority that these links provide for your site. Having high authority on your site is imperative for effective SEO, as this tells Google that your website will be more relevant and appropriate to the primary target audience of your industry.

Alongside this, your SEO audit will include a check of the balance of anchor texts your site uses compared to these links. We don’t do anything by halves either, as even small details such as the unique IP addresses and class c subnets will be considered and viewed in the SEO health check.

statistic-1820320_960_720Technical Analysis: Your Overall Website Performance

The technical side of your website is now more important than ever. If your site cannot be navigated very clearly by Google crawl bots, then the incredible content that can be found in the depths of your website won’t make that much of an impact. Also known as information architecture, our technical analysis will provide you with an insight into the structure of your website, to discover if there are any blocks in the site infrastructure that are stopping the Google Bots from accessing the required information that is going to help you to rank for your chosen keywords.

During this technical analysis within the SEO audit, we will also carefully analyse the speed and performance of your site, assessing factors such as broken images, 404 errors and whether your site is mobile friendly or not. We will also focus on the security of the site, and whether it is HTTPS which has now been classed as a ranking signal by Google.

Within the last few months, Google has begun to roll out its mobile-first indexing, so the importance of the technical aspects of your site cannot be emphasised enough. Therefore, if you’re frustrated that your site is not ranking as high as you wish, then our SEO Audit can lay out a detailed technical strategy to improve this.

Competitor Analysis

Optimising your entire website is difficult when you’re not completely sure what you’re going up against. Our SEO audit will outline your main competitors and conduct research into how to overthrow them in search engines. A free SEO health check will conduct an analysis into how your site compares and contrasts against your competitors’ sites, and then ultimately suggest improvements that can push your site above them! If you want your SEO campaign to be prevalent, competitor analysis is paramount. Our SEO audit report will include on-page and off-page factors regarding your main competitors.

Each of these SEO elements can be further refined into intricate detail, and so without an SEO health check, you may find it excruciatingly difficult to understand why your website isn’t performing the way you’d like it to. A free SEO health check can allow you to establish the issues with your site, allowing you to make further commitments into how you’re going to address these problems and improve your website’s SEO.

At Absolute, we have specialists residing in every department, from content, to digital outreach, and all the way through to UX and web design, meaning we can help you with every element covered in our audit, in-house. To find out if your website is reaching your primary audience to the best of its abilities, get in touch with our friendly, dedicated team today.



Ben Austin

With a solid background in the sales and finance industry, Ben was inspired by the possibilities of SEO after propelling his own website to search engine success. With a natural flair for digital marketing and a strong work ethic, his entrepreneurial streak soon took over, leading to the birth of Absolute Digital Media.

Naturally ambitious by nature, Ben didn’t stop here, instead pushing the business to new heights, offering a wider range of services to more and more clients. He is now proud to employ a number of SEO, PPC, web design, social media, copywriting and marketing professionals and is driven by all things digital marketing. His passion and persistence have led the company to multiple awards and accolades, such as the company being awarded the prestigious ‘Best Use Of Search – Finance’ award at the UK Search Awards 2018 and announced as Digital Agency Of The Year at the 2018 Southern Business Awards. When he’s not busy leading the company on new ventures, Ben enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

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