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October 10, 2018

The Future Of Social Focus Hootsuite Webinar


With social media constantly changing, we’re keen to keep up with the latest trends in order to ensure that we are able to continue providing our client’s with effective strategies. Yesterday, the team here at Absolute Digital joined the webinar ‘The Future Of Social Focus’ hosted by Hootsuite to further develop their understanding of the direction social media is heading. With speakers such as Jon Lombardo, Global Brand Strategist at LinkedIn, and the Head of Social Media Enablement & Innovation at Adobe on the panel, the webinar provided the perfect opportunity to better understand the ways in which these platforms are used. Here’s what we learnt:

Instant Messaging

While it is no hidden secret that private messaging is one of the most effective ways in which we communicate, this is now expected by customers. Today, the likes of WhatsApp and other direct messaging services are now being used by brands across the globe in order to provide consumers with the support they require around the clock.

Content Personalisation

In addition to being able to contact a brand with ease, customers are becoming increasing accustomed to personalised content, now making it more important than ever. Now, customers want content to be personal and personalised, as well as relevant and timely. Mobile in particular is shaping the type of content that people want to share. Facebook and Instagram Stories confirm the demand for personal moments with smaller, more intimate groups of people, shifting the idea of storytelling to storyliving.

Businesses seeking to maintain content authenticity at a scale should adapt their methods and move away from a single well-designed piece of content, to several different snippets that can be combined automatically using AI.

Data & Data Intelligence

Today, brands must focus on value-driven advertising. While brands are required to heavily focus on consent, customers are just as responsible for managing their data. Despite what many marketers are led to believe, Blockchain could be the tool that crafts trust with consumers by offering something in return for data use. This can be achieved through Brave, a browser that offers micropayments for watching ads using Blockchain. Before brands can jump on the Blockchain bandwagon however, they must consider new ways in which they can add value in social, such as viewing advertisements to receive a discount.

Social Content

The use of social media is an ongoing battle among many, with marketers constantly fighting their corner on the types of content to post on these real-time platforms. Often, many consider whether posting high-value content on the likes of Twitter and Facebook is worth it, and if so, is the measurement strategy feasible. If an advertisement is proving successful, advertisers should refrain from messing with them or trying to do something new in order to prove their originality. What works, works!

With social media and its uses ever-changing, it is important to understand the ways in which the use of these instant platforms will shape the future of online marketing. For more information about the uses and value of social media for business, get in touch with a member of our expert team on 01245 287 864, today.



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