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January 4, 2019

The Importance Of An Integrated Marketing Strategy In 2019

Digital marketing is an ever changing beast, and no 12 month period was a better case study of the constant development of the sector than 2018. New algorithms updates, content metrics and increased user expectation all came into effect, really challenging websites, businesses and marketers alike to up their game. One trend seen across all facets of the evolution was the need for a unified and seamless consumer experience, something that can be achieved through the use of an Integrated Marketing Strategy. Discover its importance and why you should potentially adopt the strategy in 2019 below.


What Is It?

For those of you who might not know what an integrated marketing strategy is, let us explain. Many modern businesses will have invested in multiple marketing tactics in an attempt to boost their profile and increase their overall revenue. This can include anything from SEO, PPC, social media and email marketing techniques. Although alone all four of these approaches can prove to be remarkably effective in their own right, an integrated marketing strategy operates under the premise that they will work even better when combined with one another.

For example, if your business is running an social media campaign through the use of a series of hashtags but only limiting the strategy to one platform due to the fact they’ve given an agency access to that sole site, they’re restricting the potential footfall they’re due to gain. However by deploying the hashtag across a variety of social media sites, the content featured on their own website and inside any email correspondence they send out to their customer base, they’re maximising its audience and potential of success.

What Are The Benefits Of An Integrated Marketing Strategy?

It Increases Brand Visibility

The benefits of an integrated marketing strategy aren’t limited to just the fact it will increase the chance of your campaign’s success, it also helps to provide your business with a consistent brand which can be seen across its entire online profile. As we’ve already mentioned consumer’s demands have changed, it’s no longer acceptable to simply be a faceless void with whom they simply transfer their money to in return for goods or a service, they want an entity they can directly interact with, something an integrated marketing strategy can help you achieve.

By deploying your marketing efforts into one focused plan, each channel from which your consumer’s interact with your business will be uniformed, meaning that your brand will appear active, a factor which pays dividends, as evidenced by the following study. Marketing Land, news publication, conducted a survey which found 62% of consumers who engaged with their favourite brands on 10 or more digital channels, felt compelled to make a purchase from said business at least once a week. By introducing a consistent marketing strategy across all the digital channels your business possesses, you increase your brand’s visibility.

Which Also Improves Consumer Awareness

By your brand being immediately more visible and by definition recognizable, an integrated marketing strategy also leads to a spur in consumer awareness, especially when it comes to special events your business may be promoting. By deploying the same messages across each of your marketing channels, consumers will immediately think of your product or service by proxy as soon as they need it.

A particularly high profile example of an successful integrated marketing strategy, was online shopping innovators, Amazon’s use of the technique on its annual Prime Day in 2017. The global shopping event held exclusively for Prime members, failed to impress the year before. However, through the use of a focused and integrated marketing campaign, which saw consumer’s social media timeline, email inbox and phone flooded with promotions, the event garnered 60% more sales than 12 months earlier when they didn’t deploy the marketing tactic.

It Boosts Your Website’s SEO

We don’t want to bog you down in the finite details on the benefits that back linking can have on your website’s overall position in search engines, however believe us when we say that that by being active on multiple sites whether they be social media platforms or otherwise will improve your business’s SEO rating.  That’s without even mentioning the rewards that internal linking within your main website’s content will pose.

By having all of your marketing efforts working in tandem with the appropriate links included, your website will without doubt receive more traffic and thereby rise within the rankings. A tool which could be invaluable within the next 12 months, especially when you consider Google’s tendency to introduce new algorithm updates that have a catastrophic effect on a website’s position in the rankings, a steady source of traffic could prove to be precious commodity as we venture into 2019.

It’s Cost Effective

Fortunately, provided that you have the resources available integrating all of your marketing techniques into a single strategy can actually prove to be cost effective and can even be completed in house. However even if you have to pay for the creation of digital assets like content, images and graphics, you still won’t have to expend anywhere near the amount you would have, if you were leveraging several different strategies and channels.

By having an integrated campaign, you can duplicate your assets and share them across your various channels, opposed to creating new ones for each of your marketing tactics. If you think you would like to begin integrating your marketing efforts but not sure how or don’t have the resources, read on.

We hope that our blog has gone some way to showing you the importance of adopting an integrated marketing strategy in 2019. If we’ve spiked your interest, then you’ll be pleased to know that at Absolute Digital Media we offer a number of services to help you combine your promotional efforts into a concise and remarkably effective integrated strategy. If you’d like to find out more you can contact us on 01245 287 864 where you’ll be put in touch with an expert member of our team who will be more than happy to advise you on your business’s marketing tactics.



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