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January 4, 2019

The Ultimate Local SEO Checklist For 2019

2019 has officially begun, so what better way to kick-start it than by creating the ultimate local SEO checklist for the year. Here at Absolute Digital, we have compiled all of the top factors you need to consider in order to achieve local SEO.

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Optimise Your Content

When writing the content on your site, it needs to be engaging and relevant for the reader rather than Google. If your users have a good experience due to the content on your site being what they are looking for then you will find that you will rank higher. This is due to Google ranking sites higher   if they offer a good user experience.

What else must you consider when optimising your content? Firstly, it is vital that each of your pages is unique and that there are not any duplicate pieces of content. What’s more, the content should be relevant to the topic of the page; otherwise you will find that users click off very quickly.

In addition to this, it is recommended that you aim for about 500 words or more of content for each page on your site and within this content include keywords naturally. Long tail keywords have proved to be most effective, which tend to be about 4 words long.

Following the recent E-A-T Metric update in 2018, Google also wants content to contain the following; expertise, authority and trustworthiness. Therefore, ensure that you link where appropriate and that you produce a reliable piece of content per page. Additional internal links are also very beneficial, in addition to a call to action that allows your users to contact you with ease should they need to.

Ensure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

As you are probably already aware, today everyone uses their phone throughout the day, so a site that isn’t mobile friendly is not going to be popular or rank well. When people search for a site they want ease, so ensure that your site is easy to find and navigate on a mobile. What’s more, it is particularly important that you make your site mobile friendly as Google prioritises sites that are.

If you don’t want to lose rankings and leads, we suggest that you update to a mobile-responsive theme sooner rather than later.

Accessible Contact Information

Ultimately from your site, you ideally want your users to contact you either about your products or your services. Therefore, don’t have your contact details hidden away. Create a dedicated page for your contact information and even have the number present on each page. In addition, as already mentioned, include a link to the contact page and the number to call at the end of your content on each page.

Your Site Needs Meta Descriptions

The text that appears under the title to your page on Google is the Meta description and each of the pages on your site needs one. Within this description you should include what your users will expect to find on your site.

Additionally, you should also use local keywords in your Meta descriptions, but ensure that they are integrated naturally, similarly to when you include them in your content. One of the most important things that you should remember when writing Meta descriptions is that it is the correct length. This is from 140-160 characters, so use online tools to ensure that you stick to that limit.

Optimise Your Heading Tags

As well as optimising your content, you also should optimise your heading tags. You can simply do this by putting one H1 on every page, ensuring that you include your primary keyword within this. This is because the H1 headings actually help Google in identifying the important keywords on each page. So ideally put the primary keyword at the front of your H1.

In addition, don’t forget to use H2 and H3 headings if you need to, in order to break text up. Google likes the style of Q&A (question and answer), so consider this when creating your headers.

Remember To Embed Google Maps

When a user visits your site, it is likely that they will be interested where the location of your business is based. Therefore, remember to embed Google maps on your site to ensure that it is extremely easy for the user to find where you are situated.

Users use Google maps to look up local businesses and you will want to be included on that. Embed it onto your contact page, as this is where people will expect to find it.

Manage Any Online Reviews

Reviews are great because they allow users to instantly see whether the business is any good or not. Therefore, it is vital that you manage your online reviews. To do this, you need to make sure that your business is listed on review platforms, such as Yelp, Google my Business and even Facebook.

The employee that you assign to monitoring reviews should respond to all reviews, whether they are good or bad. If you receive a negative review, simply apologise for the bad experience they claim to have had and then contact them privately in order to sort out the problem. In a lot of cases, this has in fact resulted in reviewers changing their online review. Ensure that all of the responses to the reviews are professional and polite.

Link Building

Having quality local links is vital as it creates authority for you site. So, how do you create local links? You can do this by offering to work with local businesses and linking one another in blog posts to help promote each other’s company. In addition to this, your business could sponsor local events, which in turn will get the name on their website. Or, you could even write press releases when your business gains a big customer or wins an award and then submit it.

If you would like more information about local SEO, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our expert team, today.




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