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October 11, 2018

What We Know About E-A-T So Far

E-A-T or expertise, authority and trustworthiness are one of Google’s many content quality rating guides. They’ve always been there, but until recent few months, many of you probably wouldn’t have even known that they existed. Brought to prominence thanks to a broad core algorithm update which Google released in August, we’re going to explain exactly what the E-A-T rating is and what it means for your business.

What Is The E-A-T Rating?

As mentioned above, a website’s E-A-T rating serves as guidance for Google in determining where a webpage containing a business’s content should rank in its search engine results.


A piece of content’s ‘expertise’ is in reference to the author, and whether or not they have the experience or the knowledge to produce reputable content on the specific matter. This particular content rating is of incredible importance when referencing YMYL (Your Money Your Life) topics, as it provides guidance on very serious aspects of someone’s life and if incorrect can have disastrous consequences.

In order to appropriately showcase this on your website, having sufficient supplementary content, such as an About Us page and author bios. This should be in-depth to truly showcase the site’s expertise on a particular topic. While health and finance-related articles are expected to be written by experts, there are numerous scenarios online where this is not the case. Even hobbies such as playing guitar requires a form of expertise, so it is important that your site showcases that any relevant content is created by a writer who is a genuine expert and that the content is entirely accurate.


‘Authority’ refers to all assets of a business, including the author of content produced, the business itself and the business’s website. This guideline is based around your business’s track record and whether or not the content you’ve produced in the past is of the highest possible quality. One of the ways Google determines a business’s authority is by recommendations from expert external sources such as professional organisations from a specific industry and also from external review sites. Integrating external review platforms into the site, such as Trustpilot or Yell, could be highly beneficial in showcasing the site’s authority in the industry.


The final element of your E-A-T rating is your business’s trustworthiness which is defined by the quality of your business’s website. This is judged on whether your website has the relevant protection, if its load times meet the best practice guidelines, how its mechanics perform and whether or not contact information is immediately available. This is to ensure that the websites that Google recommends are of the utmost quality and are highly trustworthy for each user. This also looks at overall reputation of the site and the main content creators. If the main content creator has a reputation for plagiarised content or for promoting theories which have been previously dispelled by large groups of experts, then the site content will be deemed as untrustworthy.

How will this impact you?

If your website’s content doesn’t rank highly in all three of the categories above, its position in the Google search results will begin to suffer. There are numerous ways in which to improve your site’s current E-A-T rating but ensuring that each piece of new content adheres to the E-A-T metric will also help to ensure that your site ranks efficiently.

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