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January 19, 2018

Why Use Bing Ads To Enhance Your PPC Campaign

In a world that relies so heavily on Google, many people presume that other search engines, including Bing, are dead. As a preview to this blog, we believe that Bing most definitely isn’t dead, and this is particularly true when it comes to discussing PPC. While Bing’s market share is not quite as consistent, or anywhere near as large as Google, that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve attention. Here, we’re taking a look at how you can use Bing Ads to enhance your PPC campaign, and why you should do exactly that.

shutterstock_388963579Budgets & Cheaper Clicks

While PPC budgets will naturally fluctuate by industry, typically the amount spent on Bing ads is between 20% – 35% of the equivalent spend on AdWords, and this is a result of the decreased volume levels the ads will reach. Nevertheless, decreased volume levels aren’t always a huge negative, as long as the clicks that your campaign is receiving are highly qualified (which we will discuss later). One of the main reasons that budgets on Bing are likely to be lower is due to the cheaper cost of clicks. Using Bing ads allows you to get more for your money, particularly in industries that are becoming increasingly competitive. A recent case study by Search Engine People regarding CPCs on Bing ads in comparison to Google AdWords showed that Automotive Industry CPCs were 32.5% lower in Bing ads on average and as much as 59.2% lower on average in the Insurance industry.

Increased Control

Unlike AdWords, Bing allows you to assign different ad campaigns to different time zones, which allows you to manage sophisticated ad bidding strategies and target specific audiences in a much easier manner. In AdWords however, while you are able to set the network, location, language and more, the ad groups themselves are constrained to their campaign-level settings. With Bing Ads, you can enjoy much more control over each individual ad group, and adjust their settings individually.

shutterstock_449341207Audience Quality

As a result of the increased control that you can enjoy when using Bing Ads as part of your PPC campaign, you are able to target a much more specific audience. This will help your campaign to generate much more highly qualified leads, and while the volumes of traffic being directed to your landing page through your paid search campaign will be much lower, the chances of conversions from this are likely to be higher. In fact, the same case study by Search Engine People in the Automotive Industry found that users were converting at 10% – 56% higher rates on Bing Ads than on Google AdWords. Bing Ads are also extremely transparent, and will show you exactly where your campaign is running and when, and will ultimately allow you to opt out of search partners on all platforms if the campaign is running poorly.

Import Directly From AdWords

If you are considering incorporating a Bing Ads strategy as part of your overall paid search campaign, then knowing how to do so is certainly important. Fortunately, integration of your current campaigns that are performing on AdWords is simple, as you can import these directly. This means that you can mirror your ad campaigns across AdWords and Bing in order to closely monitor your campaigns and more effectively implement knowledgeable and advanced bidding strategies as a result.

To find out more about how to incorporate Bing Ads into your paid search campaign in order to enhance the quality of your leads, get in touch with one of our expert team members today.



Evaldas Balcius

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