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April 28, 2017

YouTube’s First Ever Video’s Birthday – The Impact Of Video

On April 23rd 2005, the first ever video was uploaded to YouTube. While the site was actually founded on Valentine’s Day (14th February) of the same year, the video titled “Me At The Zoo” which showed co-founder of YouTube Jawid Karim at San Diego Zoo wasn’t released until two months later. Having celebrated its 12th birthday just a few days ago, we’re celebrating here at Absolute by taking a look at how video is transforming the digital marketing world.

No Longer Just A Tool For Brand Awareness

One of the major uses of video when it comes to digital marketing campaigns is to create an impact throughout the conversion funnel. Rather than simply being a tool used for brand awareness, particularly across social media platforms, video is being used to help engage and better educate prospects on their social media and on their site. This is helping to increase overall conversion rates while enhancing lead scoring and nurture streams at the same time. This is providing a whole new content medium is helping to increase demand amongst brands and produce more fun for customers throughout their journey.

Video Goes To Interactive

Interactive videos like the 360 degree videos are providing a whole new way for digital audiences to have conversations with brands. Not only is this working in B2C markets, it is also providing an interesting conversation within B2B markets too, also allowing the videos to drive far more engagement that what a standard video would do. Interactivity is of huge importance in the new age of digital marketing which is focusing more on user experience, and providing a customised learning path for consumers through interactive video is a sure fire way to produce a better overall user experience.


While we already touched on personalisation above, the impact that personalising content and the content journey will have will be phenomenal. In the early days, simply adding a name to an email was a way to improve the personalisation. Now, techniques are far more modern, offering the opportunity for personalisation the content itself and the content journey. 1-to-1 video personalisation is going to be an innovative solution for many marketers who are looking to be noticed for their uniqueness. Now, you can integrate a viewer’s name or information like company name from LinkedIn into the videos in order to create a memorable experience for users. This is providing an opportunity for click-through rates to go through the roof.

Setting The Stage With Video

Video is starting to be viewed as a form of content, and this is going to be of huge importance moving forward. Video has come a very long way, and there is a lot of opportunity for video content to be delivered, at scale, quickly. Whether this is a product demo, customer testimonials, thought leadership interviews or any other form of video, a strong importance is set to be placed on the integration of this form of content. With user experience strongly in the back of people’s minds, particularly with Google’s switch to mobile first, there’s a lot of opportunity to build on video as a key marketing strategy.

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